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This is the Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing Liveblog Mothership.  Please recommend only this diary and not any of the child diaries.

Please limit comments in this diary, and NO pictures.
We need to keep it easy for dial-up users to open.
Go to the current Child Diary for commentary. Thanks!

Current Child Diary: fedupcitizen

Committee is done for today.  They start up once again tomorrow at 9:30AM

The following are child diaries for this liveblog series.  If you wish to volunteer, please respond to the tip jar.  Please respond to the tip jar only if you wish to volunteer.  I'll set up a 2nd comment for people to respond to if they believe I should be aware of something.

Also, please don't post a new diary until the previous child hits a couple hundred comments.  Also, if you can, post a comment near the top for people to reply to with only transcripts.

  1. GreenSooner
  1. DemocraticOz
  1. cynic
  1. 88kathy
  1. phenry
  1. DefendOurConstitution
  1. aimzzz
  1. fedupcitizen

Hearings start at 9:30 AM Eastern Time.

You can watch a stream of the hearings at the following websites:

Judiciary Committee Website
The Uptake
CNN Live
Washington Post
New York Times
Congress Matters

List of Committee Members

Links to previous day's motherships:

Day 1 Mothership

Originally posted to FleetAdmiralJ on Tue Jul 14, 2009 at 06:19 AM PDT.

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