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Yesterday on Daily Kos, I introduced folks to Nancy Rudolph from Maine -- whose personal health care story is featured in the our new PCCC/DFA ad holding Olympia Snowe accountable on the public option.

In just one day, the momentum is amazing.

MSNBC reported on the ad live from the White House lawn! Many others also reported on the ad -- ABC, Washington Post, Huff Post, USA Today, Digby, TPM, and local news shows across Maine. (See YouTube highlights reel on the right.) Together, we're having a big impact.

Plus, we're now $58,000 $65,000 toward our goal of $100,000 to air this ad in Maine and DC -- you can add to that momentum here.

(UPDATE: Thanks to those who put us on the most recommended list. Please keep the rec's coming!)
Click here to support our new ad!

This is a critical week for the public health insurance option, and our ad represents progressives putting tangible pressure on Sen. Snowe as she prepares to take key votes on the Senate Finance Committee.

More ads are currently being prepared for other key Finance Committee members (our video team says Montana is lovely this time of year -- hint, hint).

None of this is possible without regular folks chipping in. Some have given $100. Others have given $25 or even $10. All of those people deserve our thanks -- because collectively, that will get us to the $100,000 mark and ensure that Snowe knows that her constituents are seeing the ad to the right over and over again.

If you have not yet donated, now's the time. Tomorrow morning, we'll be placing another ad buy based on how much has been raised so far. Can you chip in?

Thanks so much.

Originally posted to AdamGreen on Tue Sep 22, 2009 at 03:29 PM PDT.

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