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   "A G.O.P. agitator not named Palin" was the title of an Article in Thursday's New York Times, and I submit it as proof positive that our Corporate media flat out sucks moose nards.

    "She fits this district well," said King Banaian, a Bachmann supporter in St. Cloud. "I think there are a lot of people who want straight talk and she appeals to them."

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     By straight talk he means Conspiracy laden nonsense that has nothing to do with what is actually going on on planet earth, and if her district was on Mars even the Martians would be asking "Who the F$%k is this loon?"

    How bad was this FAIL by the NYTimes? Let me count the ways.

    Okay, I'll give you a reason or two below the fold


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     I consider FEMA camps and black helicopter batshit laughable, especially when it comes form a sitting member of Congress.

    I consider someone who tells people to be "armed" against reform insane.

    I consider statements like "Slit our wrists" and "Beat them to death" the ravings of a lunatic, or at best a really drunk dumb person.

    Yet, while writing an article on a person who has said all of these things and more, the hacks at New York Times didn't mention any of it, instead they focused on the middle of the road, that Bachmann is admired by Conservatives and hated by the left for no particular reason at all.

    If UnAmerican means doing something no other sane American would do, than I submit to you that Michele "Batshit" Bachmann is as UnAmerican as it gets, and since she would investigate UnAmerican Liburals like me, I take special offense to her. What madness lurks behind the glazed, crazy eyes of Michele Bachmann that we have not seen yet? Thousands of hidden demons are all fighting for control in there, and we must kick her out of office before they do something terrible like run her for higher office.

    To be fair, the New York Times did touch the batshit a little, but they used a stick and closed their eyes and held their nose while doing so.

    In recent months, Ms. Bachmann has been particularly outspoken against Democrats’ proposals on health care. She has questioned whether Congress has the constitutional authority to set such policy in the first place. She has suggested that one proposal’s privacy rules for school-based clinics could open the way for young girls’ getting referrals for abortions. And she has said that illegal immigrants will get access to taxpayer-subsidized health care, one among a list of comments by Ms. Bachmann that the Democratic National Committee has attacked as false.

bold emphasis add by the diarist

     Except they left out the SLIT YOUR WRISTS part! They left out the Census people are going to put you in an internment camp part! They left out the crazy as an outhouse bat part!!!!

     Just one look at Bachmann's web page shows that she does not live in a reality based world. Her site has ACORN stuff and stop the liberals stuff but NOTHING about Wall Streets greed or or how to FIX anything. Bachmann represents her district, if by Minnesota you mean the one on Neptune.

     The article does point out that Bachmann is on TV every 9 days or so, on average, and it is almsot always FOX News, a News corporation program.

    And that is the whole problem. Corporate news mostly doesn't want to tell the truth, whether it is Fox or the NYTimes, they have an agenda or want to appeal to a big audience so they play to the middle, a drab and stupid place where the "Slit Your Wrists" lady is mavericky and stuff, and beloved by the right and despised on the left, and not a raving fucking lunatic who should have no power in a free and sane society. Of course, that train of thought begs the question, are we sane? Are we free?

     Well, we may not all be sane (not me at least) but we are still free, and we can still throw an anvil at Batshit Bachmann (Whackjob-MN06)

    Help Dump Bachmann! Donate Here and Dump Michele "Batshit" Bachmann

      It's time to send a message to the GOP, that their worst offenders WILL BE PUNISHED for saying psychotic shit. The keyy to MORE and BETTER is to keep working on MORE by taking down the biggest heaps of garbage on the right while working on the BETTER part in our own party.

     But don't count on the New York Times to give you the truth, they are still looking for WMD's in Iraq.


    Bachmann challenger Tarryl Clark has a diary up too that I strongly Recommend, and I hope you too will recommend it as well.


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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Fri Oct 16, 2009 at 06:41 AM PDT.


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