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NORML produced a 15 second ad focused on the idea that regulation and taxation of the cannabis plant would bring in needed revenues.

They sent it to CBS.

Days after NORML’s submitted the ad, the organization received the following e-mail, dated February 3, from a representative from Neutron Media stated: "I just received word from CBS and they will not approve your ad. If CBS changes their morals we will let you know."

Allen St. Pierre, of course, nails CBS on their unmitigated hypocrisy:

"Major media corporations like CBS have no problem airing programming that allows them to profit off the public’s interest in marijuana and marijuana law reform, such as Showtime’s hit series Weeds and the online series ‘Marijuana Nation.’ Yet these same corporate entities balk at airing media that calls on reforming America’s criminal marijuana policies – policies that have led directly to the arrest of over 20 million Americans since 1965. How can advocates be expected to change these failed policies when those that control America’s airwaves refuse to allow them a public forum to voice their point of view?"

You can go read the AlterNet article in full - I am keeping this short and wish to make the following point:

Marijuana is NOT IMMORAL

There is NOTHING about "marijuana" - the cannabis plant - that is some how "immoral".

Well, the prohibition against it is immoral.

Our elected leaders constantly lying to us about the cannabis plant is immoral.

Cops who are arresting these millions of people for nothing - they are really immoral.

There is NO salient reason, no defensible reason, no good reason whatsoever for this plant to still be illegal, and for our tax dollars to still be SQUANDERED chasing pot smokers - this is Law Enforcement's # 1 Job as eviodenced by the sheer number of arrests. More people are arrested for marijuana than for all violent crimes COMBINED.

That's immoral.

The use of public airwaves to broadcast non-stop lying about cannabis is immoral.

Fuck you CBS!!

Update [2010-2-12 8:47:18 by xxdr zombiexx]: Angie in Washington State asked that I add to this posting. They are working on a reform issue for the 2010 election in Washington. Please go read.  Thanks!

Originally posted to Toking Points Memo on Thu Feb 11, 2010 at 05:16 AM PST.

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