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Crossposted from Docudharma

That is the mood of The People

Throw the bums out.

Now you can try to argue with The People. You can say The People are wrong. You can decry the lack of political sophistication of The People. And some of "the Pragmatists" here do.

But you can't win elections without The People, it just isn' think you can.

The people want change. Not because they are stupid or unsophisticated, but because, very simply, things suck.

And if The Democrats don't stop things from sucking, The People will throw them out. And no amount of clever parsing or desperate pleading is going to change that.

The People voted for Change....and they ain't getting it.

And past a certain point, they don't REALLY care why.

And they sure don't care about excuses.

So if The Dems don't want to get their asses Thrown Out, they better start delivering Change.


End of Story.

And their is NOTHING short of The People seeing real change that is going to change that.

Not pointing out that Obama is better than McCain or Bush or any of the other rationalizations the "Pragmatists" use to shout down the people at Daily Kos....or Other Blogs.....when they point it out.

This is a blog about electing Democrats, they say. Great.

You wanna elect Democrats? Then you better push and pressure their asses from here to November to PRODUCE.

Newsie wrote a good diary recently about being positive and praising the Dems when they do good. Great! You Pragmatists should do that, we need that, I praise that....go for it.

But that is NOT going to change the mood of the voters, of The People.

NLinStPaul wrote a good diary about how....after a completely wasted year of what every savvy political observer correctly said would be a disastrous policy of Bipartisanship.....Obama is actually, finally, starting to challenge the Republicans head on. Finally.

Scads of people have written about how The Senate is the problem.

All these things are true.

And none of them matter.

Except in so far as they produce the Change that The People...THE VOTERS want to see.

There has been talk of the White House FINALLY starting to lead, instead of deferring to the Senate.

And that is exactly what the The People want. And is exactly what the "Purists" here have been been pushing for all along.

Obama challenging and pushing the Republicans AND the Democrats. to live up to the promise of his campaign.

Because that. is. Change.

I support President Obama taking on the Repubs, I support President Obama taking the leadership of the Dems away from Harry Reid. As long as he is fighting for change, I support him.

I ALSO support throwing the bums who will NOT give us Change out.

Not to give power to the Repubs.

But because putting that kind of pressure on the Bums who are obstructing the Change we all want is the ONLY thing that they will understand.

And thus the only thing that will work.

If that is too nuanced a position for the "Pragmatists" at Daily Kos, so be it.

And if the Pragmatists would rather support the FAILED Democratic Establishment and tell the voters, The People, that they are wrong and should support The Dems no matter what....well....have fun with that.

You will get to do plenty of fundraising to try to get the Dem majority back in 2012.

Because this is not just a blog for electing Democrats, as the "Pragmatists" continuously point out. It is also a blog to reform them.

And any pragmatist should be able to see that without citizen pressure, they won't reform themselves.

Originally posted to buhdydharma on Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 11:49 AM PST.

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