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Sometimes I watch the Sunday shows and wonder if anyone can battle the Republicans and come out on top.  Weak tea answers abound so frequently that it's really quite exciting when someone we all know and not every one loves, does a bang-up job.

Today the credit goes to Arianna Huffington.  Great job of deflecting all that media "conventional wisdom."  Her FACTS were winners....not just an emotional appeal to steer people to your side of the argument.

Here's what she said:

Every major milestone in American history has been won after a major protracted and partisan battle. Go back to the Emancipation Proclamation, the 19th Amendment, the New Deal, Medicare, Social Security, the Voting Rights Act. These were big partisan battles -- one of them involved a civil war. And so the idea that somehow we can all come to the middle and do what? Free half the slaves? Or free them from 12 to five? These are major issues that people have very definite differences on.
ABC's Terry Moran interjected, arguing that "the country is in the great muddled middle. All polls show on most issues, they would like some compromise."
"That's not true at all," Arianna responded. "Even the despised public option has 70 percent behind it. Nate Silver crunched the numbers: the jobs bill -- the $100 billion jobs bill, not the $15 billion jobs bill in the Senate -- has 70 percent of the people behind it. The idea that we are in a mushy middle is simply a media invention."

Arianna's quotes from above are about in the middle of this tape.

OK, flame away.

Originally posted to Julie Gulden, Chairman's Pub Quiz Winner NN11 on Sun Feb 21, 2010 at 10:00 AM PST.

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