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However, the story moves on to one island area that remained blighted despite the miracles. This is an island on which the indigenous populations' ancestors had killed a missionary in 1867. The video shows the process through which the community prayed, fasted, and repented of this generational curse. Like other vignettes in the Transformation videos, native artifacts and ritual items like carved masks were thrown into bonfires. The descendants of the murdered (and eaten) missionary traveled to the island to attend a ceremony of repentance by the inhabitants and release them from the generational curse. The island was also miraculously renewed after the event, including the immediate cleansing of a poisonous polluted stream.

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Native American Netroots

In Oklahoma a combination of leaders from the New Apostolic Reformation and Intercessors for American are training Native Americans in spiritual warfare and "Christian military" training. These efforts to bring Native Americans into the Apostolic fold are repeated throughout the country including Alaska.

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Native Americans Divorcing Baal A similar effort has been conducted with Native Americans in Georgia...

- snip –

The Apostles then helped the Native American in "filing declarations of divorce against the defendant (Baal) by the plaintiff (the Church), and the necessity of the writ of divorce being decreed by the court of heaven for the divorce to be finalized."

Blog Against Theocracy!

I do not want your god.
You say the devil is in the wilderness,
But the greatest peace I have ever known is with the sun shining bright,
The wind blowing on my burned face,
Or the moon shining like the sun on a solstice.

I do not want your god.
You believe the annihilation of my ancestors is divinely authorized.
Even your religious coercions today are still cultural genocide,
As you make darkness bow its head in shame for the choices you make.

I do not want your god.
Every time you say your Devil’s name he comes and dances  
Though you say he’s "under your feet."
It’s your Devil, you keep him.

I do not want your god.
And while your Religious Fascism killed my clan,
Who knows not who they are –
I forgive you, the white man,
But I’ll never forget.

I do not want your god.
I may not know where the bones of my ancestors are,
Whose culture your Religious Fascism murdered -
But they breath through me,
I know who I am.

I do not need your god to be free.
I am free of hate,
I am free of fear,
And all I see with your god is hate and fear.

I do not want your god.

Originally posted to Winter Rabbit on Wed Mar 17, 2010 at 06:11 PM PDT.

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