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Short diary but watching C-Span for the last fifteen minutes has encapsulated this entire debate and exactly how fucking insane - insane - your average right-wing nut truly is.

The first opponent I heard was a woman from Delaware who said both she and her husband were disabled and on fucking Medicare yet were absolutely opposed. The neutral guy with the host kept saying he couldn't understand how this would affect her and the host was saying "but you're already on a govt. healthcare plan." The lady was muttering something about a $1000 deductible, um WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU HAD PRIVATE INSURANCE?

The next lady was undecided, said her premiums were as much as her rent, yet she wasn't sure how much this bill would help. Here's my question to her: HOW COULD IT GET ANY FUCKING WORSE FOR YOU?

The last guy was the best. The fucking apex of wingnut. Said he was opposed to the bill and govt. involvement in healthcare. That, unfortunately, healthcare was a privilege, not a right. And most gloriously, that neither he nor his wife had health insurance because they couldn't afford it. They hoped to have it one day, but not from the government. JESUS. FUCKING. CHRIST. Jesus. Jesus. Ladies and gentlemen of the Democratic leadership, that is the base of the opposition party. There is no reasoning with a person that far gone from reality. A person who'd literally rather die than possibly step on the toes of the wealthy he worships.

I'm sorry, but this has to be said: the right-wing is a cancer on our nation. The people that comprise their base are the most irrational, unreasonable, and dangerous bloc of citizens in our nation. They are insane. I truly believe that. They must be marginalized and beaten to a pulp at every turn. To me the best (or worst) part about this bill is that that piece of shit that wasn't "privileged" enough to have healthcare is going to get healthcare, is going to use it thanks to the Democratic Party, and is going to bitch about it, just like the giant waste of space from Delaware. They are truly the lowest form of human life, and are beneath contempt.

Update: Just got home from a fine day out, and noticed that I was on the Rec List and there was a diary that, in my opinion, grossly mischaracterizes what I said here. For God's sake, I'm advocating violence? I would've thought it went without saying that the term "beaten to a pulp" means ELECTORALLY AND RHETORICALLY. I'm sorry, that's what politics is at this point in time. We have right-wingers screaming racial epithets and SPITTING on members of Congress. And I'm supposed to sit here and retract what I wrote and say that the right is not a cancer on our society? That's not gonna happen. I've thought that well before today, and I'll think that long after today. And "calling people out almost by name?" Huh? They called into C-SPAN and let their warped views be known. I wouldn't know these people from Adam. And neither does anyone else here.

And not sure if you noticed my handle here, but it's Jhawklefty, as in I live in Kansas, as in one of the most Republican states in our nation, as in I also have many relatives and friends that are Republicans. They are friends and family however I will never waver in thinking their political views are cancerous on our nation, and if they ever asked me I wouldn't hesitate to tell them as much. But apparently I'm an "eliminationist" and this diary will be picked up by the media as proof our side is just as crazy as the right. On the day after one of the most momentous votes in American history. Yeah. Sometimes this place really is just too much. Hope you all enjoy the rest of this great day.

Originally posted to jhawklefty on Sun Mar 21, 2010 at 10:09 AM PDT.

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