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So I consider myself an American first before I am a political party or even a label.  I won't label myself as a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative.  I would like to think of myself as a free thinker, able to critically think about the issues facing myself, my community, my country, and even the world.  I take everything that the government tells me with a grain of salt, and take everything the media tells me with a grain of salt as well.

So why should I care about what the Republicans are saying?

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There's one thing I can't stand, and really there's one thing I can't tolerate.  And that is when other people or groups try to speak for me; when they try and tell others what it is I am thinking or believing.  This seems to be the message from the Republican party and the Republican leadership.

In a recent diary by Laura Clawson, she quoted John McCain as saying:

"If this administration chooses to recess appoint Mr. Becker, it would be just another example of putting the will of one special interest group over the will of the American people."

Huh?  Did he just group the American people into one group?  Do we really have one "will"?  Please McCain, don't speak for me in that group and stop feeding a narrative that doesn't exist.

John Boehner likes to do this as well.  He feeds this narrative of "the will of the American people" being ignored during the health care debate.

"Shame on us. Shame on this body. Shame on each and every one of you who substitues your wills and your desires above your fellow countrymen."

"This is the people’s house. And the moment a majority forgets it, it starts writing itself a ticket to minority status. If we pass this bill, there will be no turning back. In a democracy, you can only ignore the will of the American people for so long."

Uh, what?  I think maybe not.  With a quote like, you lump me, an American, into that group.  I voted for change of this kind, so I'm pretty sure he's not ignoring MY "will".  There might really be people genuinely opposed to this bill, but don't tell me what I'm thinking or what my "will" is so that you can continue to feed this narrative to your constituents.

Mike Pence likes to do this as well.  He likes to tell me that I, as a part of the "American People", don't want government regulating the health insurance industry.

Let me say, Madam Speaker, this is not the president’s house.  This is not the Democrats’ house.  This is the peoples’ house, and the American people don’t want a government takeover of health care.

Source: LVSTG

You have it right that it is the peoples' house, but you have it wrong when you say the American people don't want government involvement in health care.  What "American People" are you talking about?  If I want this health care law, am I suddenly not in this group of "American People"?

This kind of language reminds me of Sarah Palin's "real America" comments, as if there are two different kinds of Americans.  As if everything is polarized to either right or wrong, with no shades of gray in between.  I'm sick and tired of hearing these Republicans speak for me when they say the American people oppose this; when they say the American people are afraid of losing their freedoms; etc. etc. etc.

Stop trying to dictate my thoughts to push your own narrative.  I haven't given you any control or power over them, and you have no right to do this.


Originally posted to Reality Bytes on Thu Mar 25, 2010 at 09:03 PM PDT.


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