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A life spent in public service should not go unacknowledged and unappreciated.

It's not an easy life, to be a political figure. It costs a lot in terms of of personal and family sacrifice, and the landscape of politics has changed drastically in the decades since Mr. Specter first threw his hat in the ring.

So, even though I did not support him, nor agree with Arlen Specter on many issues, he deserves respect and acknowledgement for his Life's Work. And I am very grateful for the closing months of his service, when he faithfully stuck with the progressive side. Truly, Mr. Specter was far more dedicated to his "new party" than the Blue Dogs have been.

Agree or disagree, it doesn't matter now... Arlen Specter was, at the very least,  a contributor to the Jeffersonian Marketplace of Ideas, and a person who, through debate and engagement, moved our democracy onward. He was a committed public servant during  many years when political apathy was the satus quo.

The least we can do is to be gracious and polite, and give gratitude for a lifetime of work. So thank you, Mr. Specter, to both you, and your whole family, for the hard work and sacrifices made along the way. And no, I mean absolutely no snark by this post, sorry that the title of the song is unfortunate, but the acknowledgement is real.

UPDATE: holysweetmother, thank you (or I should say Youse All) for putting this on the Rec List. I am not worthy, not in this whole lifetime.... But I'm glad to see the cheesesteaks are winning :)

Originally posted to Cinnamon on Tue May 18, 2010 at 09:06 PM PDT.


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