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Hi, I'm Forrest Brown, senior organizing fellow at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Bill writes email thanking netroots

Along with other groups like DFA and Moveon, PCCC is pouring its energy into getting Bill Halter elected - but I wanted to take a minute and pass along Bill Halter's thanks to all of you.

Progressives nationwide have been instrumental in putting Bill Halter in position to win. Here at Daily Kos and across the netroots, you've donated more than $3.5 million for Bill, and called over 200,000 voters in Arkansas. At the PCCC, we've raised $250,000 for Halter's field operation and put staffers on the ground.

Today, Bill said thanks to the netroots.

Can you help out one final time?

Sign up to call 36 supporters in the final hours of the campaign.
Or, chip in $4 to the Halter campaign for last minute GOTV

As The Hill writes in "Halter thanks progressive allies ahead of Ark. vote":

Bill Halter is continuing to pull in significant amounts of campaign cash from national progressive groups. He sent an e-mail to supporters of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee on Monday to thank them for helping him raise $250,000 ahead of Tuesday's vote.

"Thousands of PCCC members gave $250,000in small-dollar donations, which went to fund our grassroots field operation and TV ads," Halter wrote in the e-mail. "You also helped make over 200,000 phone calls to voters in the final days, allowing us take the lead in the polls."

Halter is up against Sen. Blanche Lincoln in the runoff for the Democratic Senate nod for Arkansas.

A spokesman for PCCC said the group "has had senior staffers on the ground for the past couple months, leading Halter's field operation."

The photo below captures the moment Halter wrote the note onboard his campaign bus, according to the PCCC spokesman.

We're less than 36 hours away from polls closing in Arkansas, and this is the critical period to get Halter supporters to the polls. We need your help one more time.

Sign up to call 36 supporters in the final hours of the campaign.
Or, chip in $4 to the Halter campaign for last minute GOTV.

Halter RV

While Bill was traveling across Arkansas in his RV, he wrote this email to PCCC members:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bill Halter
Date: Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 12:34 PM
Subject: I need your help

Hi. This is Bill Halter, candidate for Senate in Arkansas.

The pundits didn't think we could do it. But we're now 36 hours away from defeating Sen. Blanche Lincoln and proving that Democratic voters will reject politicians who put their corporate campaign contributors first.

A new Research 2000 poll has our campaign up 49% to 45%. But the only poll that matters is on Election Day.

So in these final hours, we've kicked off a campaign blitz across Arkansas. It involves lots of events, lots of conversations with voters, lots of coffee, and a lot less sleep.

Can you help fuel my grassroots campaign blitz? Sign up to call 36 of our supporters in the final 36 hours to remind them to vote on Tuesday.

Or if you don't like making calls, you can donate $3 toward our "get out the vote" effort in the final hours.

PCCC members were instrumental in putting our campaign in a position to win, and I want to say thank you.

Thousands of PCCC members gave $250,000 in small-dollar donations, which went to fund our grassroots field operation and TV ads. You also helped make over 200,000 phone calls to voters in the final days, allowing us take the lead in the polls.

In these final hours, we could really use your help one more time.

Please sign up to call 36 of our supporters to remind them to vote. Or, please donate $3 to our campaign's final push.

This Tuesday night, America will see the result of months of people-powered activism. You were a critical part of it, and you have my sincerest thanks. I look forward to celebrating with you soon.

-- Bill

P.S. I worked on this email while on my campaign RV, going event to event...

Join the fun. Sign up to call 36 of our supporters to remind them to vote. Or, donate $3 to our campaign's final push.

The netroots have played a huge part in getting Bill in a position to win, and we need your help one more time.

Sign up to call 36 supporters in the final hours of the campaign.
Or, chip in $4 to the Halter campaign for last minute GOTV

(Cross posted on OpenLeft)

Originally posted to Forrest Brown on Mon Jun 07, 2010 at 02:34 PM PDT.

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