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In a recent article by the Detroit Republican Examiner, at, a conservative Republican openly admits that racism influences his right wing views. He also continues with a call for "rioting" and "blood shed" if Republicans don't get their way in November.

In his recent article titled, "Another reason to hate Barack Hussain Obama", the Detroit Republican Examiner said some things that deserve to be pointed out because they are extremely common conservative beliefs that are not often admitted to so openly. After several paragraphs of paranoid conspiracy theories and hyper-partisan rhetoric, we get to this little nugget:

The current administration in my mind is doing whatever it can to change America into a socialistic society. They don't deny it anymore. They actually have gained voters knowing they won't ever have to work again, and still be able to have the luxuries thanks to wealth distribution. The given attitude here is that black citizens would rather have the government give them a life, then to go out and earn it. Isn't that why over 90% of blacks support Obama? Whenever someone mentions anything negative about the black population, the title "RACIST" is attached to them. Well go ahead and brand me. Because I think the policies used at the White House benefit the black people more than the whites. I know the argument there. The blacks have had to endure centuries of injustice. I am fifty eight years old and I never exploited a black man. Why should I have to give my money to them? Let them earn their own money. Isn't that what America is supposed to stand for?

This author, of course, veered straight into open racism when he decided to focus his point on "black" people exclusively, but the core conservative belief expressed here, that anyone on welfare is able to "have the luxuries" is not merely false, it also betrays a general contempt for their fellow man. It goes hand in hand with Reagan's myth of the "Welfare queen" or the belief stated recently by Republican candidate Sharon Angle, that people on unemployment are "spoiled" and are "unwilling" to get a job. But the author was not content with mere racism, he ends his article with a call for violence and bloodshed.

I am tired of seeing American citizens, white and black, make a comment about what a good job Obama is doing. These people are the same ones who watch CNN, listen to what the media reports, and have no idea of what really is going on. For those who think I am a radical, turn to Fox News for just one day. That is the only station that criticizes the president and brings to light the true agenda. I am not a violent man, but I am hoping there is rioting in our country. I don't think voting in November will solve the problems in my mind. I think we need to use the liberal tactics. If there is enough blood shed, the people with their heads in the sand will finally say...If it will stop the violence, than lets make the change.

I hate the liberals and the way they are pushing their agenda through. I don't hate democrats, I am all for cleaner air and helping the needy. But these liberals are changing America to a socialistic society, and that is what I hate. Wake up America, or we might as well change our name to the United States of Socialism.

I know from experience that most people read those paragraphs and shake their heads at the twisted and conflicting illogic of it all but I think this is an important example of how conservatives really think and how their party has been poisoned by their own propaganda machine. The author openly makes the claim that Fox News is his "only" source for "truth".

This is what the Republican party and modern conservatism in general have to offer America. Conservatism has always been based upon the belief that mankind of essentially evil, but it has been twisted by some to an outright hatred of their fellow man and has been adapted by racists as an excuse for their beliefs. It now resembles a cult more than a legitimate political philosophy. The cult of Conservatism dominates the Republican party and has a solid grip on the Democratic party as well.

We saw what conservatives got us during the disastrous Bush years: multiple wars, record spending, the largest growth of the federal government since the new deal, drastic cuts to civil liberties, The Patriot Act, "free-speech zones", "gitmo", indefinite detention, "sneak and peek" searches, warrentless wiretapping, etc, ad nauseum. Those are the policies they believe in.

Those are the policies we will see more of when Republicans eventually get back into power, because they are driven by minds such as the The Detroit Republican Examiner's.

You can read the entire article I am talking about here

Originally posted to kpominville on Wed Jul 07, 2010 at 08:41 PM PDT.

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