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Racism? Republican/Teabaggers aren't about racism?

Watch this video from, which is a compilation of footage from teaparties where white people are saying blatantly racist shit. And yes, shit is the correct technical term, but hate speech works too.

Need more proof of GOP/Teabagger racism? Go below the fold

All of these links are from the last few days. Not months. HOURS. And this is just the stuff that made my final edit.

Tea Party Leader Condemns NAACP For Making ‘More Money Off Of Race Than Any Slave Trader Ever’

WILLIAMS: You’re dealing with people who are professional race baiters, who make a very good living off this kind of thing. They make more money off of race than any slave trader ever. It’s time groups like the NAACP went to the trash heap of history where they belong with all the other vile racist groups that emerged in our history.

   Classic doublethink. Doublethink is essential to being a Republican. Because all Conservatives know that the NAACP used to own white slaves, and thus can be said to have profited as much of off race as white slave traders who owned black slaves, or something.

   In this case, the NAACP criticized teabaggers for being blatantly racist and tolerant of racism against non whites, so, of course, in the eyes of pale skinned conservatives, that makes the victims of racism the REAL racists.

Translation:    White people are NEVER racists. Racism only takes place when white people are the target of racism

   And why shouldn't Republicans be racist? The media NEVER calls them on it no matter how blatant they are! With that in mind, RedState blugger Erick Erickson has some advice for his fellow Neo-Cons . . .

Quoth Douchenozzle, son of Erickson

CNN's Erickson: Forget about African-American voters, GOP should start running new "Willie Horton" ads

"The Democrats will scream racism. Let them. Republicans are not going to pick up significant black support anyway."

Translation:     Brown people won't vote GOP anyway, so the GOP has nothing to lose with them by blaming brown people for all of the problems created by bankers and corrupt conservative politicians

And how should Republicans capitalize best on scarring white people with the idea that brown people are coming to get them?

Try GOP NH-Gov candidate Ryan J. Murdough on for size. He doesn't screw around. Dog whistles don't get any louder than this one

    "I say no, so I can't really be a racist, because I don't hate them. I just don't want to live around areas that are heavily, predominantly non-white."

"For far too long white Americans have been told that diversity is something beneficial to their existence. Statistics prove that the opposite is true. New Hampshire residents must seek to preserve their racial identity if we want future generations to have to possibility to live in such a great state. Affirmative action, illegal and legal non-white immigration, anti-white public school systems, and an anti-white media have done much damage to the United States of America and especially New Hampshire. It is time for white people in New Hampshire and across the country to take a stand. We are only 8 percent of the world's population and we need our own homeland, just like any other non-white group of people deserve their own homeland."

Translation:     I don't want to be perceived as a racist, and I don't HATE black people (publically), but if we could create an all white "homeland" in New Hampshire and take a stand against diversity, that would be just swell.

Note: Anyone who starts a sentence with some variation of "I'm not a racist" is certain to end that sentence with some variation of EPIC FAIL

And, of course, we can't discuss racist Republicans without going to the source, at Fox News, of course!

Remember this?

Image Hosting by

Remember when Fox ran a story during the height of the Presidential election about a white girl with a McCain/Palin bumper sticker who was "allegedly" beaten by a mysterious black guy who was an Obama supporter?

Remember when Glenn Beck called Barack Obama a "Racist who hates white people?"

Do you see the pattern? Fox and the GOP ignore white racism against non whites, and if they do mention it the people who are being discriminated against are ALWAYS wrong and the people who did the discrimination are ALWAYS the victims.

That should explain the new obsession with the New Black Panther Party that Fox has.

Because when three black people are caught being racist on camera it is BREAKING news on Fox that must be covered non stop, but when an entire political party embraces racism against non whites, well, it doesn't count if you are a Republican!

And remember, this is all from the last few days ago. This isn't quotes from 1963, this is from THIS WEEK!

Back in reality land, a recent scientific study concluded  that facts are useless against idiots.

    Recently, a few political scientists have begun to discover a human tendency deeply discouraging to anyone with faith in the power of information. It’s this: Facts don’t necessarily have the power to change our minds. In fact, quite the opposite. In a series of studies in 2005 and 2006, researchers at the University of Michigan found that when misinformed people, particularly political partisans, were exposed to corrected facts in news stories, they rarely changed their minds. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger.

    This bodes ill for a democracy, because most voters — the people making decisions about how the country runs — aren’t blank slates. They already have beliefs, and a set of facts lodged in their minds. The problem is that sometimes the things they think they know are objectively, provably false. And in the presence of the correct information, such people react very, very differently than the merely uninformed. Instead of changing their minds to reflect the correct information, they can entrench themselves even deeper.

Bold text added by the diarist

So, here is a little fact I'd like to leave you with, and though I am certainly preaching to the choir, maybe some right winger who is reading this will figure it out.

The reason brown people don't vote Republican is because most Republicans are racists with prejudiced views of brown people.

There. I hope that clears things up a bit then.

Because the reality is that the GOP of 2010 is really still your racist Granddad's GOP. Hell, now that 95% of black voters have abandoned them, Republicans don't even have to pretend to not be racist anymore!

But don't tell Republicans that! They might call you a "racist who hates white people and white culture", and we just can't have that kind of thing going on anymore, not in 2010, can we?

Yes, as the title of this diary indicates, some people on the right MIGHT be blatantly racist, and MIGHT think that Obama is too BLACK to be President, among other things.

But that isn't racist, not to Republicans or the corporate media that reports on them. It's only racist when Democrats do it, or if white people are offended by it. Or something.

When does this stupid shit stop?

Image Hosting by

Peace and Love to all

You can follow me on Twitter @JesseLaGreca

Crossposted at The Progressive

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Wed Jul 14, 2010 at 08:26 PM PDT.


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