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(crossposted from Green Mountain Daily)

Dr. Dan Freilich is a quack.

No, not as an MD, but as a Democrat.

And a liar to boot, apparently.

Dan Freilich is a candidate for US Senate, currently running as a Democrat in an effort to primary out Senator Patrick Leahy, in an effort he knows is certainly doomed to failure.
In the slow hours of this morning, Freilich posted this little excursion on Daily Kos:

The Vermont Democratic Party leadership’s stealing of the election

which, unfortunately for Freilich, contains demonstrable...well...lies.

No other word for it.

More on the jump.

From Freilich's diary:

An unfortunate confrontation occurred at the Rutland County Democrats Headquarters opening party between its leadership and the Daniel Freilich for U.S. Senate campaign. Exclusion, omissions, tearing down campaign materiel, berating supporters, threatening, almost coming to blows...the establishment’s methods of protecting its turf.

As I understand it, to the extent any such confrontation occurred, it was initiated by Freilich and his supporters.

If you want evidence of that, I obtained this email sent out by the Freilich campaign to his supporters:

From: Daniel Freilich (
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 11:48:57 -0400
To: Kevin Molduene (
Subject: **Urgent** Senator Leahy vs Dr Freilich (Today, Rutland, 5p)

So this is the big one folks.

Dan Freilich has been asking, the media has been asking, and now we are brining the fight to Senator Leahy. Friday,  July 23rd at the Democratic HQ (24 Center Street, Rutland) 5p, all volunteers, veterans, friends, and staff will stand by Captain Freilich as he challenges in front of dozens of cameras, and hundreds of Democrats to defend his 36 year record on TV. We will make our stand here, this WILL be the game changer.

We are encouraging everyone who possibly can to meet us in Rutland at 430p in front of the HQ, to get your new Freilich shirt and to help us in this momentous occasion. This is where David finds a crack in Goliath's armor and we need your help. We are putting together car pools of volunteers from various areas of the state to join us. We will compensate gas if you can let us know your coming in advance (call me at 802.342.8370) food will be provided at the Democrats expense. We just need you there to be with Dan and to show the Democrats that candidates have to actually meet their constituents and defend their vote, they still work for us dammit!

This is the moment we need you. We know it's short notice, we know it's a drive for most of you, we also know it's of the utmost importance and can catapult the people's candidate to the head of the pack.

Please bring your friends and join us.

Kevin Molduene
Campaign Manager
Dr. Dan Freilich Campaign

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Freilich's campaign manager, Kevin Molduene:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gossip girls love talking about me...
so for the last week a couple friends have told me they had seen postings on craigslist concerning my ads looking for various male models or promoters for my upcoming events. i found a few of them... gonna post them for you.


Hey Guys!! Before you sign on for this, be sure to check out all that is being said about Ballzee Productions - Kevin Molduene - MadCap - Spokane Flirts!!! Listed both in this section and the Local News Section on Community Section. The guy is a pig and you will probably not be paid what he is offering - if paid anything at all! Just sayin' . . .
I have to second the person upset about working with Kevin Molduene of Ballzee Promotions (formerly also known as MadCap. I worked with him and was never paid a cent, he was very unprofessional and doesn't take responsibility for his mistakes and poor business practices.

check out his website and see for yourself and his myspace where he blames the liquor board ;

Be safe ladies, this man has multiple sexual assault charges from former workers. If you do work with him, don't be left alone with him after a single drink.
Anyone replying to the Ballzee Promotions ad should read what's being said about Kevin Molduene in the Community Events sections of CL!!! He is not a nice person to work with. I know because I did not get paid for what I did for him!!!!!! He's a liar, cheat and bad "business" person - if you want to call what he does as business! BEWARE! He's blaming the Liquor Control Board for all his woes. He never takes responsibility or ownership when he is in trouble. It's always someone else's fault! Don't say I didn't warn you!!
Beware of this post!!! Ballzee Productions, aka SpokaneFlirts, aka MadCap, aka Kevin Molduene is a scam artist! He has not paid many people who work for him and he lies about what he is offering! I know because I am one of many. He's a real smooth talker that makes everything sound like the greatest thing on earth . . . a real con artist. Read what others have written in the Local News section of CL and the Gigs/Events section. Don't become one of his victims like I did!!! Time to give up, Kevin; everyone is on to you in Spokane! Take it somewhere else!

Read more:


There is  a picture of this alleged hostile confrontation, by the way:

Wow. Surprised the Rutland police didn't bring out the tasers, water cannons, and rubber bullets.

(Photo credit: Rutland Herald)

Be that as it may, I can find no reference, no independent corroboration of any such contentious incident, anywhere, other than that asserted by Freilich in his Daily Kos diary.

One of my GMD colleagues spoke with VDP Exec. Director Robert Dempsey, who was present at the event, and summarized his comments, along with some personal observations:

# Note the bogus third-person "reportage." # The state party leadership had nothing to do with this event, although Exec. Director Robert Dempsey was there (I called him to see what he knew). # Dan Freilich had the opportunity to seek the State Committee’s endorsement and was given the information on the process. He chose not to, while Sen. Leahy sought and received the Committee’s endorsement. # Freilich is running as an independent since he expects to lose the Primary. # According to Dempsey, DF and about 8 supporters showed up at the Rutland campaign office opening and asked whether they could put up a photo of DF on the wall with other candidate pics. County Chair Ann Lezak said no, because he’s running as an independent. # According to Dempsey, Freilich’s supporters then defaced a photo of Sen. Leahy and attempted to instigate a physical confrontation with the Democratic volunteers, with videocamera running. Dempsey intervened to request Freilich to control his supporters or the police would be called. # Freilich & his supporters left.

Freilich, in his faux-third person "reportage", calls the assertion that he is not a real Democrat an, "excuse."

I call it a statement of fact.

This should dispel any doubt anyone may have of that assertion on MY part within seconds:

Note: Daniel Freilich is also a member of the Rutland County GOP's Facebook page, for what that's worth...

I don't know what Freilich is, (other than a strong suspicion that he is a GOP provocateur) but he's certainly not a Democrat.

And that Daily Kos posting has to be one of the most transparently dishonest and insulting things I've ever seen in any political campaign.

Clearly, whatever lessons Freilich was taught about honor in his vaunted military career didn't stick.

Originally posted to Nest of kestrel9000 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 11:50 AM PDT.



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