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(crossposted from Barefoot and Progressive)

I assume by now you've seen this lovely quote from Brave Patriot Rand Paul:

"Is there a certain amount of accidents and unfortunate things that do happen, no matter what the regulations are?" Paul says at the Harlan Center, in response to a question about the Big Branch disaster. "The bottom line is I'm not an expert, so don't give me the power in Washington to be making rules. You live here, and you have to work in the mines. You'd try to make good rules to protect your people here. If you don't, I'm thinking that no one will apply for those jobs."

Well, it looks like actual miners in Kentucky are a bit upset over this. You know, because they are not really big fans of dying on the job, and all. Liberty-haters and collectivists, obviously:

"Rand Paul and his deregulation -- all he talks about is deregulation and the local authorities having total control over any regulation," said Tim Miller, a UMW representative in Madisonville. "I think that takes us back at least 100 years, back to when 12-year-old kids could work in the coal mines."


The union members said federal regulations have come a long way in protecting miners in the workplace. They pointed specifically to rules that set ventilation and roof support standards in underground mines.

"I think we depend on federal legislation to keep us safe in the mines," said Bernie Alvey, another union member. "I hate that it happens that we have these catastrophes in the coal mines, but they always bring on new laws that keep the rest of us safe later on."

In other words: "Oh please Nanny State, rape the Liberty of my entrepreneur boss so that I don't get crushed/suffocated/burnt alive, leaving my poor family without me! Oh please don't let my pre-pubescent boy work 80 hours a week in the mine!" Somebody call a whaaambulance, am I right White Male Liberty Patriots?

This "journalist" with an obvious affinity for Hugo Chavez continues, using "facts", which is so typical of them:

More than 3,200 miners were killed in 1907, the deadliest year on record for U.S. coal mining, according to the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration. The agency says federal legislation since then has played a role in drastically decreasing coal mining fatalities, which reached an all-time low of 23 in 2005.

Oh, sure. That sounds bad. But when we were losing thousands of workers every year back when there were no regulations, do you have any idea how much we were making up for that in Liberty? I can't really show you with a chart, but it's A LOT. It's like Benjamin Hancock wrote in the Declaration of Independence: "He who gives up their Liberty for practical safety regulations that protect workers from being crushed and burnt alive deserves neither." (I learned it from watching you, Glenn!)

But not all mine safety regulations are bad, you see:

Paul's campaign said in a statement that he doesn't want to exclude the federal government but wants more state and local control over mine safety.

Bingo. I mean, why let Big Nanny come in and tell us what to do when we can let our state government and local eastern KY officials make the regulations? After all, it's not like Kentucky is full of corrupt and easily bought politicians that would let the coal industry bribe them into doing whatever they wanted. And it's not like 100% of Republicans and 85% of Democrats are bought and paid for by what the statists call "King Coal". And it's not like the Kentucky Democratic Party's headquarters was built and has it's bills paid by the coal industry. And besides, would King Coal ever really try to influence policy in our state? It's implausible that they would do something so unseemly, right?

In summary: accidents happen, but they sow the seeds of Liberty. And all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to try to keep mines from collapsing on its workers. Hallelujah, long live Rand Paul and Freedom.

(Oh, and a parting message to you Kossacks outside of Kentucky: PLEASE HELP. Here is Jack Conway's contribution page. Please spare $10 to spare our country, spare workers' safety, and spare Kentucky 6 years of (further) embarrassment)

Originally posted to cubswin39 on Wed Aug 04, 2010 at 06:11 AM PDT.

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