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Yes, everyone by now has probably seen the horrendous Gallup data showing the Republicans with a huge lead in the generic House race. Yes, everyone has seen the horrendous Senate numbers coming out of so many states, where even stalwart Democrats like Boxer and Feingold are locked in neck-and-neck races. Yes, everyone knows about the huge enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats this year. And the blame is already being spread for our defeat (when the election is still nine weeks away). We hear--from people who, overwhelmingly, have NEVER held elective office of any kind but still seem to know all the answers-- about "Obama's broken promises" and Gibbs' criticism of the professional left, and Obama's compromises, and Obama failing to get everything the progressives want, and Obama and the Democrats not rolling over the Right as we all hoped they would. And people are sitting on their hands or saying that they don't plan to vote or even saying that it makes no difference who wins.

To which I say: Are you fucking kidding me?

I've lived 58 years. Barack Obama has accomplished as much as any Democratic president I've ever seen, and that includes LBJ. He is winding down the Iraq War--AS PROMISED. He has succeeded in getting a national health care law through Congress, flawed as it may be--AS PROMISED. He has abolished the use of torture against terrorist suspects--AS PROMISED. He has stood up for pay equality for women--AS PROMISED. He has stood up for children's health care--AS PROMISED. He has gone after the terrorists in their hideouts--AS PROMISED. He fought for the stimulus which quite possibly saved us from a worse meltdown--AS PROMISED. He has helped the U.S. auto industry recover--AS PROMISED. That's a G-d damned record of achievement if I ever saw one.

And a lot of us are going to let it be destroyed or halted in its tracks.

A lot us are going to let Obama's administration go down in flames.

A lot us aren't going to act until it's too late.

If the Republicans win control of Congress, they have vowed to try to repeal the health care act, even though Obama's veto will stop them--for now. They have vowed to wipe out even the lukewarm financial regulation law that has been passed. They will push to make the Bush-Cheney-Rove tax breaks for the Upper 5% PERMANENT, to hell with the deficit. They will attempt to implement Paul Ryan's insanely bad economic policies, which will privatize Social Security, abolish Medicare, and CUT THE TAXES OF THE RICH BY AN ADDITIONAL 50% ABOVE AND BEYOND THE TAX BREAKS THE GOP WANTS TO SEE EXTENDED. They will strangle any and all environmental legislation. They will beat the drums for a war with Iran. They will continue to shovel money to the oil industry. In short, their whole nightmare program will be pushed--and ours will lie dead.

Am I getting through to you? Am I reaching you? Are you getting the point? If not, let me be absolutely clear:

If the Republicans win, this asshole wins:


If the Republicans win, this asshole wins:

Tea Party Hitler

If the Republicans win, this repulsive waste of human skin wins:
Tea Party 5

If the Republicans win, this little rat bastard wins:


Oh, and in case anyone hasn't figured it out, if the Republicans win, this psychotic, pathological liar will gain much greater national power:

Lunatic Bachmann

If the GOP wins, it means that this demented professional liar who has called Barack Obama a Nazi some TWO HUNDRED FUCKING TIMES will be even more powerful:

Beck the Barker

A Republican victory means that the Confederate Party, the party that remembers the greatest act of mass treason in U.S. history with fondness, has triumphed:

GOP Logo

A Republican victory vindicates Palin, who ginned up the "death panels" smear:


A Republican victory is a victory for Sean "Scumbag" Hannity, his phony "veterans charity", and his vicious lie that Barack Obama sympathizes with the 9/11 attackers.

Hnnity Scum

A Republican victory allows this lying propaganda hack to win:

Breitbart Prick

A Republican victory means that the whole set of lying, neoconservative war-mongering thugs wins--Kristol, Krauthammer, Bolton, All of them:


It means that every lying bullshit con artist/propaganda hack at Fox "News" wins.

It means that unrepentant racist Rush Limbaugh wins.

It means that all of right-wing hate radio wins.

It means Speaker of the House Boehner.

It means Senate Majority Leader McConnell




And please, please, PLEASE don't give me any of this holier-than-thou, more-progressive than-thou, purer-than-thou nonsense. I KNOW that Obama hasn't delivered on everything. I know that he has retained too many Bush policies, and I know there are too many financial big-wigs in his administration. And I sure as hell know that the Democratic Party has its corrupt and irrational members.


There's Sharron "I was anointed by God" Angle in Nevada.

There's Joe "Social Security is Unconstitutional" Miller in Alaska.

There's David "Diaper Man" Vitter in Louisiana.

There's Rick "Lying Scumbag Criminal" Scott in Florida.

There's Rick "Secession Ain't Such a Bad Idea" Perry in Texas

There's Carly "I want to do for California what I did to HP" Fiorina

There's Rand "Screw the Coal Miners" Paul in Kentucky

and it goes on, and on, and on.

There is a difference between mediocre and horrible. The Republican Party is horrible this year, run by its most radical, extremist, dangerous elements. You think I'm going to sit around and watch these people devastate my country? You don't know me.



Here's a link to Act Blue. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.



UPDATE: Thank you for the RecList, folks!

Originally posted to Yosef 52 on Tue Aug 31, 2010 at 06:20 PM PDT.


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