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UPDATE: Please stop by Jerry Brown's Act Blue page (thanks to ridemybike for the reminder)

Tonight is the final debate between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown (CA Gov), and in two and half short weeks we will see if our state will be blessed with Brown or punished with Whitman.  Speaking of Whitman.....

Many of you know about Whitman's "Nannygate," if not read about it here.  Whitman keeps insisting, over and over, that the nanny, Nicki, was "like family," and that she, Whitman, could do nothing to help the Nanny.  Really?  Imagine my surprise this morning when I read a letter to the editor.

Letter below....

From the San Jose Mercury News:

How to stand by your nanny

In response to the letter from Margie Fraiser (Letters, Oct. 10), I will tell you what I would have done differently -- what I did. I hired a nanny through the same agency as Meg Whitman. My nanny presented a Social Security card and California driver's license. Six years later, I learned that my nanny was here illegally. We stood by her. We appeared in court on her behalf and, when she was able to obtain the right to work in the United States legally, we rehired her. That's how you treat someone who is "like a member of the family." Whether Meg Whitman learned that her housekeeper was here illegally in 2003 or 2009, couldn't she have shown some compassion for the woman?

Shawn Lampron
Los Altos

While Whitman's camp is focused on a word that someone in Brown's campaign used when referring to Whitman, we can focus on Whitman's actions, which in no way equal anything close to her claim that her former housekeeper was "like family."

Our state cannot afford to be treated "like family" by Whitman, please do all you can to help Jerry Brown, including spreading this letter to the editor far and wide.

Thanks!  and GO JERRY!

Originally posted to SanJoseLady on Tue Oct 12, 2010 at 07:41 AM PDT.

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