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I can’t begin to look inside Michelle Bachman’s head to see what she is thinking so I won’t even try.  

But I have the funny feeling this means something:  Paper: Bachmann removed from Minn. voting register.

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann had her name removed from Minnesota's public list of registered voters for privacy reasons, the St. Cloud Times reported Friday....Her removal from the voting list means state officials have no public record of when she voted. Her election opponents, Democrat Tarryl Clark and Independence Party candidate Bob Anderson, and her seven Minnesota colleagues in the U.S. House are listed.

Her spokesman claims it is for security but one has to remember the crazy that has followed her around before when claiming that the Census was a government conspiracy to rob the good citizens of this great country of your privacy.  I’m sure that if she answered all those invasive questions she was afraid that everyone would find out she is truly Cuckcoo for Cocoa Puffs.

This woman is an embarrassment to our entire body politic.  Her current house seat is one of the most contentious in the nation. link

The race can be characterized as expensive and intensely negative. Bachmann raised a "war chest" of about $10 million. More than $5 million of that arrived from across the country in the 3rd quarter of 2010 alone. By camparison, Clark amassed a campaign fund of $6-7 million. According to the Clark campaign, she received no funds from the national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "This has clearly become the most expensive race in the United States and one of the most high profile house races simply because it is sort of ground zero for the Tea Party movement in the United States," said Hamline University political expert David Schultz.

 I know everyone is begging for money and support but if there is any at all left in the cookie jar how about sending a little  Tarryl Clark’s way and see if we can land Bachmann a more appropriate job where she fits in nicely.  Fox News will thank you and more importantly the country will thank you.

Originally posted to quiet in NC on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 05:49 PM PDT.

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