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We are just days away from an extremely important election.  Our nation is at a crossroads – and you must help choose the direction in which we will go.

Right wing extremists know that they cannot convince the majority of the American people to adopt their agenda.

We are just days away from an extremely important election.  Our nation is at a crossroads – and you must help choose the direction in which we will go.

Right wing extremists know that they cannot convince the majority of the American people to adopt their agenda.  Most Americans support the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  Most support our successful efforts to restrict abusive practices by credit card companies, like raising interest rates on existing balances.  Most agree that health insurance companies should not be able to discriminate against Americans with pre-existing health conditions.  Most oppose privatizing Social Security and they want to protect Medicare.  Most are against new tax cuts for the wealthy, which will cost approximately $700 billion over the next ten years.  And most want to limit excessive military spending and use the money here at home, whether to rebuild our infrastructure, create jobs, or reduce the deficit.

The right wing cannot convince us that these ideas are wrong so their strategy is to discourage us. They want us to believe that we cannot win or that this mid-term election does not matter.  They want us to stay home on Election Day.

This year, the airwaves are awash with television and radio commercials funded by right-wing shadow organizations with innocuous names like the “American Future Fund” which, incidentally, is working to try to defeat me.  Some people may find these ads persuasive, but many are simply disgusted with the entire political process.  Disgust leads to apathy – and this is exactly what the right wants.  

As long as Americans continue suffer the effects this recession, it will be hard to see all the good that has been done in Congress over the past two years.  Although I am proud of our accomplishments, I and many others wish that we had been more successful in overcoming the selfish and near unanimous opposition of the ever more conservative Republican Party.  But that should not discourage us – it should inspire us to work harder.

What we do now will severely affect our choices in the future.  We cannot give the right a larger foothold than it already has.  We cannot sit on the sidelines or just to wish that things would get better. Now is the time to get up and fight.

It is exhilarating to fight for what you believe alongside people who care passionately about the same things.  Your most powerful weapon is your vote.  Your second most powerful weapon is your voice – when you use it to remind your family, friends, and others who share our values to vote.

There is a lot to do in the next two and a half days.  I encourage you to give as much time as you can to help our candidates and our party to get out the vote.

This is no time to stay home or to leave our future in the hands of others.  Please help me fight the right – and vote.

Originally posted to Barney Frank on Sun Oct 31, 2010 at 01:34 PM PDT.

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