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I have made the decision to discontinue investing my money and time in Daily Kos and the Daily Kos community. It has come to my attention that this community, including its founder, Markos Moulitsas, has been promoting itself as an accurate and well-researched voice within the American media apparatus and promoting specific American policy initiatives, while at the same time, giving money to Democratic candidates for public office.

I became aware of Daily Kos' political contributions late last night. Apparently many Daily Kos editors and contributors have given money through the ActBlue PAC, which has channeled money disproportionately to Democratic candidates for office during the last seven election cycles. I also became aware, late last night, that ActBlue has given exactly zero dollars to Republican candidates over the same period of time.

Therefore, in good conscience, I cannot allow myself to receive information, analysis, and partisan opinion from a partisan media organization who is clearly giving partisan financial contributions to Democratic candidates.

Mindful of my personal policy and standards, I have suspended my support of Daily Kos indefinitely.


Okay, I decided to unsuspend my support of Daily Kos and check back in on things. Since somehow this turned into a discussion about Keith Olbermann, I thought I'd chime in:

Everyone, this is not a new NBC policy. Remember, Phil Donahue did not get permission from NBC Executives to criticize the invasion of Iraq. He just went ahead and did it, and we all saw what happened. Olbermann should have learned his lesson. Simply put, progressives acting in progressive ways while hosting progressive shows on MSNBC are asking for it. Maddow better not get gay married or she's going to be next.

Originally posted to Age of Quarrel on Sat Nov 06, 2010 at 05:05 AM PDT.

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