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You are in the Japan Nuclear Disaster Mothership, updated on Monday, May 2, 2011.    We are now using the ROV's (Remote Operating Vehicles*) for discussion and commentary.  This diary serves as a reference and anchor point and will updated regularly with new news sources, maps, and translations from local coverage in Japan

We are currently in ROV 62. All Previous ROVs and Motherships are now stored on the Japan Nuclear Incident Group Page  group page along with timelines of events from previous Motherships as well as Coverage@Kos.

To stay on top of 24/7 coverage@kos, share comments, and participate in round the clock discussion and analysis with our expert team,  follow the Japan Nuclear Incident Group by clicking on the heart next to the group's name. You can also apply for membership to the group by emailing JNI. (A link to Send Message is in the right hand sidebar. (Indicate if you would like to be a contributor or and editor.)

Join us for discussion and further updates  in the current ROV (linked above). Visit previous ROVs and MotherShips in Group Page for archived reporting.


Coverage @ KOS:

Due to wide coverage of all news related to the situation in Japan, the Japan Nuclear Incident Liveblogs team is now saving all ALL Coverage @ KOS to the group page. You can also any relevant diaries to the group's queue or provide a link to the diary in the current ROV.

  • A database of temperature, pressure, radiation levels, etc readings over time can be found in: The Daiichi Database  This is an evolving diary that will be updated regularly (h/t Siri and middleagedhousewife)


Regularly Updated Data Sources

Japanese Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF) reports, which record such key factors as  conditions of core and fuel integrity, water level and containment.
• Guardian DataBlog updates with analysis and publishing highly contextualized charting and graphs.
RSOS Emergency & Disaster information Services - Japan
Daily Telephone Media Briefings from Union of Concerned Scientists
• The Situation in Japan
•  EPA/US RadNet Map View & EPA's Radiation Air Monitoring
CATDAT Google Speadsheat



IAEA Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log
NPR TIMELINE: A Nuclear Crisis Unfolds In Japan
Nuclear Reactor Crisis in Japan FAQs



Donation Suggestions

• Plubius also has a diary on aid groups needing donations.
CS Monitor has a great list
JapanVolunteers-  - donations, materials, volunteer opportunities and needs,  fundraisers, resource sharing
Japan RedCrossasks individuals to direct funds to a bank account.
ShelterBox on the Ground in Japan (h/t texmex)
Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support
Lisa Spector, Canine Music Expert and co-creator of Through a Dog’s Ear.
• Charity Evaluator: If you want to evaluate any charity, look at Charity Navigator. (h/t DemFromCt)



Japan Earthquake 2011 Global Voices Online provides outstanding ongoing translations of articles and information from Japan, including:
Map of Quake Centers
Shelter locations
• Pscho-social support availableTranslation: people here in Japan are suffering and need someone to talk to, and TELL and いのちの電話 are here to help! TELL (Tokyo English Life Line) is providing information and support for the English speaking community across Japan. This new page they have added has links, data and other resources helpful for people here and those overseas who are concerned about their relatives in Japan

• Calling for "Homestay for Earthquake Evacuees Translation: Please offer your "home" to ease hardships of the earthquake evacuees. This calling is basically to people living in Japan currently only.
【団体名】Earth Day Money Association
【所在地】Shibuya 1-6-3-502, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Community internet radios are airing updates in several languages.
* ***** multilingual broadcasting websites ******


Media Coverage

Asahi on Facebook
Tepco's webcam operating again
Kyodo Nuclear News Feed
The Guardian
NHK Japan Live
New York Times Reactor Status
Bloggers for Japan
Oil Drum Fukushima Open Thread - Tue 3/29
Tepco Live Camera: Hourly updates
AJ LiveBlog
Fukushima Wikispaces (livechat coverage)


Social Media

Twitter – Real Time Updates:
Global Voices Online Japan Twitter List
Japan Reuters
Japan's PM
GP Japan
Twitter #earthquake
Twitter #japan:



Crisis Mapping

Japan Radiation Dashboard
Japan Geiger Map
RDTN Monitoring
Google Crisis Response Maps(Layers available)
Ushahidi Local Reports Color Coded for Trusted Sources (Japanese/English)*
Satellite Imagery
Media Monitoring Japan's Humanity Road
Google Earth Engine (download required): Radiation Over Japan. Visit Pachube for mapping


Rules of the Road

• Please be kind to kossacks with bandwidth issues. Please do not post images or videos. Again, many thanks for this.

• Neither the Mothership or the ROVs are intended for opinions or editorializing on the subject of nuclear energy.

• Remember when posting to the thread:  STICK TO THE FACTS. Source and link all new information.  (This includes insuring authenticity of twitter sources.)

• Post All news items and comments  to the current ROV.

General Terminology/Information

* ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle) is a term coined from the Gulf Watchers ongoing coverage of the Deep Water Horizon crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. It is used in place of the term 'child diary' and refers to a diary(s) running concurrently with the Mothership where ongoing discussion and updates to developing news stories occur.


The Japan Nuclear Incident Group is working with numerous other groups @Kos during this ongoing coverage: Nuclear Free Kos, LiveBlog, DeepKos and the new Meta group. Our mission, along with covering this disaster, is to work with the Kos community to develop the most effective and accessible methods to cover ongoing news events.  We welcome comments, suggestions and discussion and look forward to working with the broader Kos community in this endeavor. Please contact us to collaborate!

Originally posted to Japan Nuclear Incident Liveblogs on Sun Mar 27, 2011 at 01:18 PM PDT.

Also republished by Nuclear Free DK and DeepKos.

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