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As you know, A Perfect Conversation currently consists of just me. This is a problem. I do what I can, but as the past week clearly illustrated, things can happen that cause me to miss days. I would prefer that not happen again if at all possible. So I'd like to ask if anyone would like to join and help out.

There are a few things you should know before asking for an invite, though.

  1. Don't join just to add a group to your list. If you join, you are expected to help add content to the group in the form of diaries, whether republished or ones you've written, yourself. If all you want is to comment and keep up with the group, following will do just fine.
  2. A Perfect Conversation was conceived as a republishing group, so if you join, that should be your primary focus. However, we are not competing with Community Spotlight, even though we sometimes republish the same diaries. The diaries republished here should always challenge us to rethink where we stand on any number of issues; or try to break us out of the standard tropes and arguments we are accustomed to reading (and writing). In the case of action diaries, they should call for inventive or unorthodox methods, or they should not be yet another of the many reactive efforts underway. (This is not meant to belittle other efforts at activism. They are important, no doubt about it, and you'll often see me recommending them. But they don't fit the purpose of this group, so they shouldn't be republished, here.)
  3. The nightly diaries (like this one) are to ensure the republished diaries gain more visibility. I add content to the nightlies because I feel you deserve more than a couple diary links. When possible, I try to make the content relavant to the group's purpose, but I don't always have the time for it, or there are cases like tonight where I need to address something regarding the group itself. I don't expect more from you than what I've been able to do, so if you want to write one of the nightlies, you're free to discuss other subjects if you like. I'll reevaluate the usefulness of the nightly diary when we can see why certain diaries are in our streams and the bug(s) causing order display problems in the stream is fixed. (I do cross-post these to firefly-dreaming, as well, so I will certainly take that into consideration when the time comes.)
  4. Regarding your role in the group, do not expect to be made an Editor right away. It is a commitment that I don't think everyone will be willing or able to make. If you show you're putting the time, effort, and good judgement in as a Contributor, I can all but guarantee I'll bump you up to Editor. Editors will have the additional responsibility of helping ensure the nightly diaries are cross-posted to firefly-dreaming. You will need to have an account there before I make you an Editor. Also, as an Editor, don't edit another member's diary without explicit permission from that member. (Some minor format editing is necessary when cross-posting to firefly-dreaming, but otherwise the content should remain untouched.)
  5. If you have ideas for additional things you'd like to see the group do, I'm more than willing to listen. But be sure you're able to follow through on the suggestion, yourself. I am already stretching my own limits on time. I cannot do more with the group, myself.
  6. Please be sure to let me know you've read this diary when you send your request for an invite. I cannot read your mind, so if I don't see mention of it in your message, I'll point you here, first. Letting me know you've read this diary in your invite request saves us both some time and hassle.

And I think that should cover the main points. If you have any questions, by all means ask away. My answers might not come until tomorrow, though, so please be patient if I don't respond immediately. If you're reading this diary after the comment period has expired, send a message to the group with your questions.

A Perfect Conversation is a group for republishing diaries that:

A) Challenge the DK conventional wisdom.
B) Provide information which may lead to new ideas.
C) Push for action that is innovative or not just playing defense.

The point is not to agree (or disagree) with these diaries. It's about challenging ourselves to rethink our political philosophies, activities, and issue positions.

Republished to A Perfect Conversation on April 29, 2011:

Diary Title
Diary Author
The Domestication of Humans rktect
Perhaps the role of genetics in the hierarchy of human societies could be stronger than we realized.
Our Slide Into Economic Backwardness Continues Geenius at Wrok
An incredibly well thought out and written diary on the state of our economy and which has the added bonus of suggesting three new economic rights (security, flexibility and opportunity) alongside our inalienable human rights.
Chris Hayes digs into the Forces of Denial and the Science of Belief Formation jamess
Chris Hayes, filling in for Laurence O'Donnell, has an insightful discussion with Chris Mooney and Jonathan Kay about how people come to believe Conspiracy Theories and other irrational beliefs. The video is about ten minutes, but jamess provides some brief transcript excerpts.
Our Exhausting Illusions glendenb
The frames used within our society laid bare.
A full list of all diaries republished to A Perfect Conversation can always be found here. Feel free to check it out at any time.

Rec List from the Eclectic Boogaloo - April 29, 2011:

Diary Title
Diary Author
Running Government As A Business LaFeminista
Defining Our Economic "Recovery" bobswern
The Domestication of Humans rktect
Okay, can I boast just for a minute? I was on The Rachel Maddow Show last night! Eclectablog
Our Slide Into Economic Backwardness Continues Geenius at Wrok
Chris Hayes digs into the Forces of Denial and the Science of Belief Formation jamess
Tell Bill Maher: stop legitimizing Andrew Breitbart ColorOfChange
White House Bans Reporter For Filming Bradley Manning Protest david mizner
Our Exhausting Illusions glendenb
Breach in Chain of Custody in Waukesha Recount! PvtJarHead
Strange Brew: Three Days Before the Canadian Election abe57
Wisconsin Recalls and Recounts at the Same Time Puddytat
Cranky Users: Top Moves belinda ridgewood
Michigan House Education Committee passes draconian anti-teacher, anti-union bill Eclectablog
BREAKING! Rick Snyder recall langauge approved. His days as governor are numbered. Atilla the Honey Bunny
BREAKING: White House/Treasury Undercutting Dodd-Frank Tasini
Science, Predictions and Possibilities David Brin
1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Inducted Into Labor Hall of Fame James Parks
Chernobyl in the Gulf of Mexico Stuart H Smith
Firefighters Cutting Off Democrats! Eddie C
Top Comments: Coming Attractions edition Ed Tracey
The Week in Editorial Cartoons - So, Who's the Hair Apparent Now? (Special Appeal - Please Help) JekyllnHyde

Updated by Gabriel D at Sat Apr 30, 2011 at 12:11 AM CDT

(Now cross-posted at firefly-dreaming)

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