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It's been months since I have written a diary on Daily Kos. The last time
was July 2010. I still come and read, and post a very occasional comment.
I know we are all having a pretty hard time these days, and here in Alabama
things are a pretty big mess right now. What with the super tornadoes and all
that has been going on, there isn't much I can add to the fray. You all have it
pretty well covered, and my opinion is not different from the chorus, so mostly
I just sit in the audience and listen.

But recently I had the most remarkable experience, with a dog, something
I never expected in my life, and thought it worthy enough, and interesting
enough to share with the Kos community. Hope you enjoy, and of
course be for warned this is a pootie diary about dogs,
and has nothing to do with world politics or world events.

First let me introduce you to Bear and Biscuit. They were found in a drain
pipe by my daughters best friend. About 12 weeks old, babies living in a
pipe. She would go down and feed them weenies, to try to entice the puppies
out of the pipe. One was a girl, and one was a boy, litter mates. It seems the
boy had a short tail. likely it had been docked.

Together they would huddle, or the girl was more friendly so she would
come out of the drain pipe and sit in a lap. But the boy refused, he would
sit in the pipe, cock his head to one side, sister puppy would run back in and
try to coax him out, but no luck. My daughters best friend called them Bear
and Biscuit, because they were the color of a biscuit and Bear just looked like
a bear. She thought about Biscuit and Gravy but he is such a bear that was
the perfect name. Well, this game of coaxing the puppies went on for about
a week, until a neighbor put a raccoon trap near the drainpipe, catching the
boy puppy, and sister puppy was glad to come along.

It seems this best friends family had no where to keep these 2 puppies so
I volunteered my sons fenced yard to foster them until they could find a
proper home. Someone had mistreated them, the puppies were shy and
skittish. Though they were pure bundles of love, giving it freely, but still
afraid, and barked and ran away at first each time we came to visit.

Gradually they began to trust, my son owned a wonderful beagle who
taught them how to sit, and retrieve and be good in general. We called
him their uncle, and they loved him and he adored their puppy kisses, until
he would get annoyed and throw them down, nipping them lightly until they
cried with pain and delight.
bear bisprofie">

This went on for a couple of months. Trying to find a home for 2 large puppies turned
out to be more difficult than we anticipated.  Since we were trying to place them
as a pair. They just kept eating more and getting bigger, escaping from the fenced
yard, going on excursions through the neighborhood. It seemed they had outgrown
the fenced yard in a quiet neighborhood. So I brought them out to the farm, by
this time they were at least 6 months old. Seems I had 2 new dogs in my family.
I guess you could say I fell in love with these 2 beautiful dogs, they in turn fell
in love with me, and became a part of the scenery.

The property I live on is a farm dogs dream. Twenty acres of fields, forests, and
a lake. Migratory birds fly about, turtles, rabbits, beavers, muskrats, (which Bear
caught one and ate it, but that's another story) turkey, and feral cats. They
fit right in, wandered about at will, but always had a great sense of home. Each
night I would lock them in the garage, each morning they were let out to roam
at will.  Mostly they would lay about, but also would wander the large cow pasture
across the street, or run around the lake. But they never bothered anyone, and
always came when I whistled. Just really special dogs. They liked to hunt, sometimes
catching a rabbit, but mostly just out for the chase.

Then one afternoon they show up with a little dog. I noticed he had a mark on
his neck, like maybe Bear thought he was a rabbit and went for him. Then the
little dog probably let them know, hey I am one of you, a dog. So they brought
him home to visit, rather than game, he was a new friend. I thought maybe he
was lost, the little dog spent the night. He was happily ensconced on the dog
bed in the garage between the two red dogs. They all had big happy dog smiles,
tongues lolling out.

Next morning I let them out, and the little guy leaves. But the next day he
is back, and this goes on for a while. A storm blows in, he spends the night
again. Next morning same routine. By this time I am calling him Petey, (he seems
to come to this name). I am thinking maybe I should send a note with Petey,
his owners must worry when he doesn't come home, and this is becoming a
regular thing.

I am thinking it is kind of weird, but my daughter really wants to try the note
on a collar trick. Petey had no collar so we used one that Biscuit had out grown.
I took some masking tape and wrote a short note about how the little dog came
and visited us everyday, and put my phone number down a couple of times. I was
worried my dogs might chew it off before Petey got home, but he seemed annoyed by the collar and left.

That afternoon I get a phone call from a Mr. Haynes, he is kind of unsure
how to ask but says "I found a note on my dog with your number?" I just laugh
and explain how his dog has been visiting us just about everyday, and how he
is friends with my two big red dogs. He explains the little dog was his grand kid's.
I finally ask what is his name?
"Scrappy." Mr Haynes replies. Well I guess it was the y sound in Petey that
he responded too. I assure Mr. Haynes that if Scrappy gets stuck again over night
I will give him a call, and he can come pick up Scrappy (who it seems just lives
around the bend) or I can keep him in the garage until the next morning.

That's it, the tale of Scrappy the dog. The next day he was back, and we were
like hey there Scrappy, and he wagged his tale and seemed more playful than
ever. I think he wonders, "How do they know my name is Scrappy?"

Maybe you thought this story was silly or had no point. The thing that struck
me was I never expected to send a note via a dog and actually get a response.
A new one for the record books, and it wasn't even on my bucket list.

Originally posted to sharistuff on Sun May 15, 2011 at 10:08 AM PDT.

Also republished by oo and PWB Peeps.

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