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By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Mitch Daniels’ wife won’t let him run for president.  Ahhh, that’s so sad because I wanted to see him explain why he should be president after helping Bush destroy the world.  

It would have been fun hearing him explain why he was for the individual mandate before he was against it and if he could guarantee that his diva wife wouldn't run off with another man. That would be so sad—having the first lady running away (again people) with another cat—okay--yes, he made the right decision. But, to my republican brethren, your candidates falling like flies is seriously getting embarrassing.

What happened to John Thune—the tall, good looking, smart con from the Heartland who is young gifted and white?

He talks the talk, plays basketball and doesn’t embarrass the party all that much.  

Why did he quit?

Is he afraid that Obama would expose his signature legislative issue which was to allow guns on trains?  I mean, I understand that Bin Laden would have benefited by such brilliant legislation and so would the NRA.

Or maybe the tea party didn’t like him because he refused to call Obama a Socialist, Marxist, libetard—you know the drill.  At any rate, his decision to quit before starting adds to this embarrassment.

What about the Trumpster?  

Everything about him is embarrassing for the GOP from the hair, to the birther business and especially his plan to just literally take all the oil from foreign countries.  Yes, it’s a tad gangsta to say “hey yo Libya, that’s my oil—ya heard?”  Folks, you almost can’t make this stuff up.

What about Haley Barbour, the true southern gentlemen who was stroking the black community by day and winking at the Klan by night?

I can see his stump speech now:  “It is time fer us to formally recognize the grate cuntributions the confederates made to thus cuntry—oh and uhh, the cuvul rights struggle wan’t so bade in muh town.”  Now you know what, he’s just an embarrassment.

And then we have Rev. Huckabee, the bass playing preacher who freed over a thousand convicts.  And, one of them actually killed three cops—unlike Common did.  He too went on a racist rant about Obama being raised in Kenya and all of that embarrassing fodder.  Wow, he quit too?

Collectively, these guys quitting is truly a huge embarrassment for the GOP which is why most Americans expect Obama to win according to recent polls.  

So what happens now if someone else drops out like say, the Rino Huntsman or the two fake candidates Bachman and Palin? Actually, I hope those two will run because they are total embarrassments for their party and I truly need to enjoy their presence just a few more months.

Today, there is a theme growing that I believe speaks volumes and that is: these republicans are all talk-- no courage, no action.  They are not interested in saving the republic; they are all about making money and not disturbing their “cushy” lives.

They want to sit in the bleachers like drunken fans yelling and throwing bottles at the athletes because they can’t run, jump or play ball themselves.  They are cowards—all of them because their fear of losing over-shadows their desire to win.  

They want guarantees that they will win the nomination, win the presidency and they won’t to have their personal and professional baggage exposed in the process.

So as of this morning, John Thune has more time to try to get guns on trains. Huckabee and Trump have more time to work on their shows, Mitch Daniels has more time to keep up with his wife and Haley Barbour has more time to honor the Confederate Sons of the South.

Republicans, you folks are truly embarrassing yourselves.

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