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This is my attempt at drawing a Wyoming rule map of Indiana. I tried my best to draw it along community of interest lines, but this is also my first attempt at redistricting a state I've never lived in, so there's a good chance I screwed some things up. DKE Hoosiers, feel free to yell at me about anything stupid I did in this map. It creates 3 Democratic seats, 5 Republican seats, and 4 seats theoretically winable by either party.

Indianapolis close-up:

District 1 (Blue):
Obama 66.2%, McCain 33.1%
VAP: White 61.4%, Black 22.2%, Hispanic 14.1% Asian 1.2% Native American 0.2%, Other 0.9%

A Lake County district for Pete Viscloski. It went two to one for Obama, it will elect a democrat even if he retires.

District 2 (Green):
Obama 55.2%, McCain 43.8%
VAP: White 80.3%, Black 8.5%, Hispanic 7.4% Asian 1.4% Native American 0.3%, Other 1.1%

This South bend-Elkhart District is the successor to Joe Donnelly's district. It is more democratic than the old district, and should probably elect a democrat even with Donnelly running for Senate except in the very worst years.

District 3 (Purple):
Obama 71.2%, McCain 28.1%
VAP: White 58.2%, Black 29.8%, Hispanic 8.6% Asian 1.7% Native American 0.2%, Other 1.5%

This is the central Indianapolis district. Andre Carson has it for as long as he wants, and it will pretty much elect democrats for all eternity.

District 4 (Red):
Obama 45.8%, McCain 53.5%
VAP: White 80.8%, Black 9.9%, Hispanic 4.6% Asian 3.5% Native American 0.2%, Other 1.2%

This is basically Dan Burton's seat. It's 5 points less republican, so if they don't take him out first, we MIGHT be able to beat him in a wave year, but they'd win the seat back the next cycle with a passable candidate.

District 5 (Yellow):
Obama 40.2%, McCain 58.8%
VAP: White 89.4%, Black 4.7%, Hispanic 3.2% Asian 1.8% Native American 0.2%, Other 0.8%

This district is basically the current 4th, and is the most Republican district in the state. Democrat's ain't winning here.

District 6 (Teal):
Obama 47.3%, McCain 51.7%
VAP: White 91.1%, Black 5.0%, Hispanic 2.0% Asian 0.9% Native American 0.2%, Other 0.9%

This is a new district created out of some parts of the old 8th and 9th. It was basically designed as an Ohio River district. It undeniably leans heavily Republican these days, but the right sort of democrat could win and potentially even hold this district. Larry Buschon and Brad Ellsworth both live here, and either could theoretically run here.

District 7 (Gray):
Obama 45.6%, McCain 53.5%
VAP: White 85.3%, Black 7.1%, Hispanic 4.6% Asian 1.7% Native American 0.3%, Other 1.1%

There is no reason Marlin Stutzman should be in any danger of losing this heavily republican Fort Wayne based seat.

District 8 (Slate Blue):
Obama 42.7%, McCain 55.9%
VAP: White 93.0%, Black 0.8%, Hispanic 4.5% Asian 0.7% Native American 0.3%, Other 0.3%

This new district is basically the southern rural parts of the old first and second districts. It should easily elect a Republican.

District 9 (Cyan):
Obama 50.0%, McCain 48.6%
VAP: White 90.0%, Black 3.1%, Hispanic 3.0% Asian 2.7% Native American 0.2%, Other 0.9%

This district is basically Brad Ellworth's old district, although it got a democratic boost by picking up Lafayette from the old fourth, and is now more toss-up than lean R. The areas of democratic strength in this district are Lafayette and Terre Haute. Dave Crooks likes right outside this district and might still run here.

District 10 (Pink):
Obama 49.1%, McCain 49.6%
VAP: White 92.5%, Black 1.4%, Hispanic 2.7% Asian 2.3% Native American 0.2%, Other 0.9%

This district is in many ways the old 9th. Both Todd Young and Baron Hill live here, and it's 2008 margin is almost Identical. This seat is probably lean R, but democrats could definitely win here, especially if Baron Hill decides to make a comeback. The district's democratic strongholds are Columbus and Bloomington, home  of Indiana's state university.

District 11 (Lime Green):
Obama 40.3%, McCain 58.2%
VAP: White 95.2%, Black 1.7%, Hispanic 1.5% Asian 0.7% Native American 0.2%, Other 0.7%

This obscenely republican district takes in most of Mike Pence's old turf. Democrats ain't winning here.

District 12 (Cormflower Blue):
Obama 47.5%, McCain 51.3%
VAP: White 80.7%, Black 5.5%, Hispanic 2.1% Asian 0.6% Native American 0.2%, Other 0.9%

This new district leans heavily republican, but the right democrat could still win here. The district's democratic strength lies in Muncie, Anderson, and Komoko.

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  •  Probably won't affect final outcome, but Dan (0+ / 0-)

    Burton (R) is getting a very serious primary challenge again!  Last US House Race he narrowly held his seat in a five-way Primary.  If Republicans can get their act together and limit number of challengers, Burton will probably lose in May Primary of 2012.  Problem is this disttict in Hamiton County and Northern Marion County is traditionally heavily Republican, so whoever defeats Burton will have a great chance to take November Election.  This area (4) appears gold and cyan on your graphic, near  the center of the state.

    For whatever it's worth, this district did vote 39% ''for Obama.  That may not sound great, but remember the same district voted 97% for Reagan. We've come a long way, Baby--- just not far enough.

  •  I'm working on my Indiana now (0+ / 0-)

    I take into account that Republicans have the trifecta in Indiana.  I am able to pack more Democrats into the Viscolsky and Carson districts.  My Visclosky district is 68% Obama vs your 66% as I have it the northern parts of Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties.  My Indianapolis district is nearly 75% Obama.  Your IN-09 seems to be built specifically to elect a Democrat.  IN-05, which is right next door and is 59% Republican, can be used to split Lafayette and Terre Haute.

  •  Preview of my Indiana (Republican trifecta) (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Overall philosophy:
    1) Create Dem vote sinks in Gary and Indianapolis.

    2) Due to Obama's overperformance in Indiana in 2008, any district that is 53% McCain is about 60% Bush and thus pretty safe Republican.

    3) Split South Bend in half and create two Republican leaning districts.

    4) Split up the districts such that there is a single Democratic leaning city that gets overwhelmed by the surrounding Republican areas (ie, you won't see two cities like Terre Haute and Evansville in the same district).

    IN-01 (Gary): 71% Obama 29% McCain
    IN-02 (South Bend): 47% Obama 52% McCain
    IN-03 (South Bend/Elkhart): 47% Obama 52% McCain
    IN-04 (Fort Wayne): 45% Obama 54% McCain
    IN-05 (Anderson/Kokomo): 44% Obama 56% McCain
    IN-06 (Muncie): 46% Obama 53% McCain
    IN-07 (Indianapolis): 77% Obama 23% McCain
    IN-08 (Evansville): 46% Obama 53% McCain
    IN-09 (Bloomington): 46% Obama 53% McCain
    IN-10 (Louisville suburbs): 43% Obama 56% McCain
    IN-11 (Terre Haute): 46% Obama 53% McCain
    IN-12 (West Lafayette): 46% Obama 53% McCain

  •  Couple clerical things: (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    TheUnknown285, BeloitDem

    You listed District 1 (Blue) twice instead of 2-Green

    It's Elkhart, not Elkhorn.

    Other than that I think you did well :)

    I'm planning on doing a Canada-style Indiana here sometime, 59(!) ridings!

    23, Solid Liberal Democrat, DKE Gay Caucus Majority Whip, IN-02 (home), IN-03 (birth), SC-03 (early childhood), IN-09 (college); Swingnut

    by HoosierD42 on Mon Jun 13, 2011 at 08:54:38 AM PDT

  •  Very Nice Job (0+ / 0-)

    For someone who hasn't live here, I think you did a great job of creating "Community of Interest" districts.  You've got the three population centers in the North each anchor in a district, an Ohio River district, a couple suburb/exurb districts, etc. etc.  If we did indeed have this many districts, I would think a non-partisan map would look a lot like this.

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