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I can't be condescending enough about the emerging economic clusterfuck in Georgia.

Arizona's massively racist immigration laws were seen to be a major political bonanza, and states across the nation have rushed to emulate it based on the fake popularity of the teabagger movement (and its inherent racism).  So in 2010 Georgians voted in a raft of racist, stupid teabaggers to their statehouse.  That racist teabagger government promptly wrote up and passed a racist immigration law that in no way, shape, or form took into account reality.  Us stupid hippies on the left kept saying that the problem can't just be solved with a stroke of the pen, and that a lot of economic activity is predicated on the cheap illegal immigrant labor.  And we were routinely mocked and ignored by right-wingers with partisan blinders stapled right the fuck over their corneas.

Well, as events have now shown, Georgia's farm economy faces a crisis of 11,000 laborers short and food is rotting in the fields.  Nathan Deal, who looked like such a smug asshole a month ago as he signed the new racist immigration law now looks like a fumbling imbecile who will probably never hold public office again since he just deliberately derailed his states' economy.

I'm sure the Kossack Polite Police will be along shortly to tell me that I'm not winning hearts and minds by calling out Georgia's rural voters so bluntly, but this is too clear-cut to ignore:  As is typical rural regions of Georgia formed the groundswell of Nathan Deal's support.  And it is the rural Georgia economy that is now suffering.


I can't make it any clearer.  I'm not happy that Georgia's farmers are currently hurting because they elected a racist fucknut to thei Governor's office who then signed legislation that fucked over their economy.  I'm just pointing it out for those who refuse to make the connection that these people are getting EXACTLY.  WHAT.  THEY.  DESERVE.

I have zero sympathy for Georgia farmers.  I hope it fucking hurts like hell, guys.  You BLOODY WELL ASKED FOR IT.

Originally posted to slippytoad on Wed Jun 22, 2011 at 12:17 PM PDT.

Also republished by Kos Georgia and Southern Liberal Living DK Version.

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