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American Red Cross

Minot Community Foundation

If you are a Ham radio operator the Red Cross in Minot needs your help! 3937mhz

Boil water order in effect for Minot. Officials aren't certain the water is safe.

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The Souris River in Minot has crested. It's expected to crest within 24 hours in Sayer and late Monday/early Tuesday in Velva.

As of 7:00AM CDT on June 25, the Souris River in Minot is at 1561.52 feet.
As of 4:30PM CDT on June 25, the Souris River in Minot is at 1561.63 feet.
As of 7:30AM CDT on June 26, the Souris River in Minot is at 1561.72 feet.
As of 6:00Am CDT on June 27, the Souris River is Minot is at 1561.3 feet.

Water levels in Minot are starting a slow decline. The Souris River is expected to remain above flood stage for at least another week.

Approximately 4000 homes damaged.

Water is starting to rise in Sawyer, ND-the Souris is expected to crest there today and in Velva late today/tomorrow.

The weather forecast is clear and warm until Thursday.

Latest story

Latest story

Background: Minot, ND is a city of just over 40,000 people less than 60 miles south of the US/Canada border. This city was built at the junction of two major transcontinental railroad lines (BNSF and CP Rail-both have suspended operations in this area due to the flooding, which means Amtrak is hampered as well.)

Due to the Williston Basin oil boom, the housing supply is extremely tight-people are sleeping in their cars.


This flooding was predicted by NOAA back in March, but the timetable has accelerated dramatically due to substantial rain in Canada, which has had to release large volumes of water from the Rafferty and Alameda Reservoirs to prevent damage. That water has gone right into the Souris River, which flows south into the US, loops around, and heads back into Canada. (Yes, geography is weird there.) Usually Lake Darling Dam releases are timed to increase and decrease with area snowmelt, but water levels are increasing so fast they can no longer be controlled.

This event is expected to keep evacuees away from their homes for several weeks.

Evacuation information and assistance:

Please check road conditions before you try to drive anywhere! Many bridges and roads are unusable!

ND Road Conditions
Minot evacuation zones
Burlington evacuation zones
Ward County Flood information
Minot American Red Cross
FEMA disaster assistance FAQ

If people have damage they should call FEMA immediately at 1-877-212-0316 to start the process.

Souris River height tracking at NOAA
Interesting NOAA map showing topology and other communities in ND under threat
USGS Lake Darling Flood Monitor Page
Inundation maps-large file! loads slowly!
Corps of Engineers Minot levee review, undated
May 20 Article about rising water outflows

NEW LINK! Free topo and satellite maps!
The default is Mt Rainier-doesn't look like I can change it-but it's easy to use. Zoom out, use the arrow to move east, and zoom back in-you can trace the Souris River as it loops around ND and back into Canada.

Significant event timeline:
June 24
1:30pm Souris River is officially over record flood stage.

June 23
4:14pm Outflows from Lake Darling increased. Expected crest now 1565ft. Expanded evacuation areas to be announced. Broadway Bridge closed.

June 22
9:30am The Souris River begins to overflow levees in Minot.
11:00am The National Weather Service issues a flash flood warning after the water levels rise four feet in a brief period of time.
12:57pm Warning sirens for evacuation begin to sound, 5 hours early.

Kossacks Blog the Flood

noddem's photo diary
noddem lives in Burlington, ND-also under evacuation
RuralRoute's original diary on Minot, ND flooding

Other Media Resources:

yfrog photos by Minot resident
Paul Douglas at
kxmc livestream Flood tracker story
local Minot media reports
Minot Daily News
A decent summary from the Washington Post
A review of flooding from the Canadian side, including the Souris River
26 communities in Saskatchewan are under some kind of flood surveillance
Results of google news search-lots of articles on both US and Canadian flood efforts

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  •  There's one good thing (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    hopeful human, Amber6541, ninkasi23

    North Dakota has been well-managed fiscally.  They have a rainy day fund unlike so many other states and a steady source of oil revenue.  The flooding problem is a state-wide issue and hopefully the State Legislature can address it for the long term.

    But the slog for Minot will be long and hard.  It's a case of slowly draining the swamp and will require patience to even be able to assess damages.  In the case of daughtermine they could get about 200 away from their house to see that the water didn't reach their front steps nor overtop the sandbags around their basement window.

    However, the sewers are backing up and the sewer caps to prevent backblow aren't working as advertised.  That will be a real job cleaning up. The FEMA disaster recovery centers are open for business.

    Now it's how to beat the Winter clock.

    Just give me a good patch of dirt and I'll show you growth and well-being!

    by kfred on Mon Jun 27, 2011 at 05:44:37 AM PDT

    •  Thanks for reminding us about winter! (4+ / 0-)

      Winter comes soon in ND, and effectively ends the building season. We had a smaller flood along the MN/Canada border a few years ago in the late spring. Fortunately our legislature was controlled by Dems then and they promptly passed a flood relief bill and got those folks some help while they still had a few months of building season left.

  •  Recced and will be following! (5+ / 0-)

    Thanks for all your hard work, Imonlylurking! I'm riding home across Minnesota from Minneapolis Pride and will check in when I get internet access.

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