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I understand some Congress critters are being begged for their votes for Speaker Sobbin' Small Price to Pay Goldilocks' brilliant debt ceiling plan while in the shower.


After appropriate brain bleach for that image, we'll move quickly along to "this day in history!" ;D


The history cupboard is pretty bare, boys & girls; what's there is pretty damn depressing, and we don't need anymore depressing $hit then what we've already got! But, we'll do the best we can. :) Mama Cass died on this date in 1974. She left us entirely too early, but that voice just about makes me feel invincible!

Let's Countdown...while still feeling invincible... ;D

And, David Shuster's pinch - hitting tonight - kewl! :)

"Balancing Act" AKA "Boehner Bill Passes" - The House passed Speaker Sobbing Small Price to Pay Goldilocks' debt ceiling plan part deux earlier this evening - the one that's worse than the one Senator Harry Reid said was dead on arrival in the Senate. The debt ceiling would be raised in 2 stages, and a balanced budget amendment has to be introduced as part of the 2nd raising.


Wow! Did y'all see that margin of "victory"?! There were a whopping 1 or 2 votes to spare. I'll have to try to dig up the 20 GOBPers that just said "no"! ;D Earlier today, President Obama said what was passed in the House has no chance of becoming law. Harry Reid's gonna try to play nice with Mitchie?! Oh good.


Senator Chris Coons is on the phone, and the Senate is in process of voting to table what the House passed this morning. Senator Coons is hoping for compromise?! Yea, well, he's not been a Senator for very long.


Isn't Senator Reid's plan pretty stinking similar to Speaker Sobbing Small Price to Pay Goldilocks' plan? And, there's no revenue?! What the spark??!!


Rep. Raul Grijalva gets to chat about what happened in the House today. There's not a whole lot of warm & fuzzies on that side of the Capitol. Doesn't all this stuff sound awfully familiar to the GWB tax cut extensions, or am I just having deja vu all over again? Everyone keeps throwing that "h" word around; THAT'S what's making me nervous. Rep. Grijalva called his "boss" a figure head. ;D

"Primary Problem?" AKA "Losing the Left?" - Senator Bernie Sanders let President Obama & other Dems HAVE IT in an op - ed this morning. And, Ralph Nader is suggesting a primary challenge - since everything worked so well when he was involved in 2000?! Great...well, that'll solve everything. *&^%$#@!


Senator Sanders isn't necessarily opposed to that idea?! $HIT!!! Look at those disapproval numbers' jump since May - 7% to 33% that President Obama is not liberal enough. Wow... And, here's Mr. Nader. He's not going to run; he's just going to send letters asking for people to run. Again, that'll work GREAT! Ya' know, every time I look at him, I think 2000, and my stomach clenches.

"Breaking News" - Speaker Sobbing Small Price to Pay Goldilocks' $hit sandwich has died in the Senate to the tune of 59 - 41. 6 GOBP Senators joined Harry Reid! $HIT!

"Time Marches On!" - There are guys pole dancing in China. A Canadian skateboarded across a fountain; said fountain decided to spew at the same time. :D Those 2 doggies are probably more coherent than Congress these days!

"None of the Above" AKA "Field of Dreamers" - There is a whole lot of "Meh" (to be charitable) among rank - and - file GOBP with the official current GOBP 2012 clown car. THAT'S why a whole mess of them are flying to Austin, TX to beg Rick Perry to run; if tea bagging is involved, I DON'T WANNA KNOW. Yes, there will be brain bleach soon. ;D A new face gets to talk bat$hit - Dave Catanese! He doesn't think $aint $arah from Wasilla will run; I don't think she will, either. She'd have to take too much of a pay cut from all the coin she's making playing this game. OK, double dose of brain bleach necessary!


So, who's ready for another TX Governor?! *&^%$#@! Tim Pawle...ZZZZZzzzzzz - OOPS - nodded off again! ;D Little Timmy's putting all his POTUS eggs in the IA basket. Mittens is talking VP choices already? Arrogant much?!

Bat$hit Bachmann is the most recent example of hateful bat$hitters who can dish it out but can't take it.

"Glow in the Bark" AKA "Screwy Science" - Koreans are making doggies glow in the dark?! DUDE! They did it to kitties, too??!! We all might be glowing, soon, too???!!! Bill Nye the Science Guy gets glowing aminal duty.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Fri Jul 29, 2011 at 06:22 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group.

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