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How are you today my fellow liberal, Nazi, dirty fucking hippies? Gosh and I dress more Stepford than just not me.


But one thing I do enjoy is watching the right wing froth at the mouth.

From Bill Kristol to Pat Robertson, from Mitt Romney to Judson Phillips they really haven't got a clue. Conspiracy theories abound, actually all I'm waiting for is a personal appearance by Adolf Hitler.

Just because we haven't got such sensible chants like:

They wanna kill Grandma!

FEMA death Camps!

Obama is  a Kenyan Muslim!

Somehow means we are unhinged?

Heh, thank goodness.

Sensibly pointing out how economic disparity is ruining the economy and wouldn't it be better if everyone paid their fair share to invigorate our nation just isn't as worthy as:


Gosh, you have to try really hard to be that brilliant.

Running scared when a simple truth is pointed out, and by  bringing every scary McCarthyesque monster out from under their cots seems to be all they have; it warms the cockles of my heart.

Their answer to the nations ills?

Deny women access to health care. Aint that just fucking brilliant?

Tax cuts for the wealthy so they can be trickled all over? Hallefuckinglujah.

I'm sorry; but the Queen's English just wont cut the mustard where their absurdity is concerned.

I wonder what Charles Dickens would have made of this..

Bring in the bottled lightning, a clean tumbler, and a corkscrew.
Charles Dickens

I'll join you.

The last thing the right wing want is that people object to being both governed and robbed.

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