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The corrupt fear us.

They corrupt Oligarchy fears a winning message that paints them for what they are.

They fear the idea that taxing the rich is an overwhelmingly popular. Even Republicans voters think that we should raise taxes on the rich.

They fear the idea that people everywhere agree that we need to rein in Wall Street.

They fear the idea that we are sick and tired of their wars, we are sick of their bigotry and discrimination, and We The People overwhelmingly want money out of politics.

They fear these ideas so much that they loathe even talking about it. They'd rather talk about death panels or Muslim terrorists, anything but fairness, accountability and economic justice.

Frank Luntz is scared, Fox News is bashing Occupy Wall Street and Wall Street funded Republican Presidential candidates are bashing us too. Why is that?

The answer is simple, when it comes to Occupy Wall Street, when it comes to a conversation about income inequality or corporate accountability . . .

We are winning.

Image Hosting by Everyone who isn't a Fox News watching dittohead has had it up to here with Tax Cuts for the Rich, endless wars, budget cuts and corporate welfare. Momentum has shifted drastically away from the politicians who serve the wealthiest one percent and their agenda to a populist movement that is shaping the narrative in America and resonating with millions upon millions of working class people who are fed up with a broken system that robs the poor to pay the rich.

Now, let's make no mistake, Republicans HATE President Obama. Sometimes I think they hate Obama and Liberals more than they love their country. Republicans who swear allegiance to Grover Norquist first and the Constitution second are desperate to defeat Obama but they are aware that Romney and Gingrich, their top men for the Presidency, are severely flawed candidates that no one likes, not even Republican primary voters.

This is where the loathing comes in.

Romney, Gingrich and every other Republican candidate have a dismal message to try and sell people who aren't millionaires; namely, more tax cuts for the rich, more money for the wars, more corporate welfare and draconian budget cuts for everyone else.

Republicans may hate Obama, liberals and everything that doesn't look and sound like themselves, but they really loathe their crappy line up of half baked candidates.

Wall Street establishment politicians and corrupt media outlets like Fox loathe the idea that a large part of the public has figured out their scam. They loathe their own candidates for President, who can only measure their failed ideology of conservatism in public displays of cruelty.

At some level, the fear and loathing on display in the GOP and on Fox News and Right Wing AM radio is just an expression of the fear and loathing that exists within the wealthiest 1%, and though all of the people in the wealthiest 1% are NOT the problem, the ones who are the problem and who recognize that fact know that a reckoning is coming for them. Their scam is almost up, the public is mobilized against them and we have the momentum on our side. For all the propaganda and smears they have thrown at Occupy Wall Street and the proponents of accountability and justice we aren't going away and the people LIKE our message.

The corrupt fear us.

The honest support us.

The heroic join us.

And the corrupt political and economic actors know it and they are scared, our message is too strong, the people support us, and as demographics continue to shift away from their low information voter base of dittoheads and relics from the Reagan era the defenders of corporate greed and tax cuts for the rich are going into panic mode, because the Titanic is sinking but the peasants are not locked up in steerage so the rich can get all of the lifeboats, not this time.

As their fraudulent world view that benefits only the wealthy and corporations crumbles around them, as their candidates appear cruel and out of touch and their pundits appear shrill and insane, as their policies continue to fail and their voting base continues to shrink with age we will only see the defenders of the one percent become more shrill and more desperate. The fear and loathing we are beginning to see now will only get worse. Eventually the GOP and Fox will start eating each other alive as their unpopular message and embarrassing candidates explode in their faces.

And I, for one, couldn't be happier when that happens.

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Peace and love to all,

You can follow me on Twitter @JesseLaGreca

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Tue Dec 06, 2011 at 05:39 AM PST.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Progressive Hippie, and Occupy Wall Street.

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