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What follows is just a quick diary to share a “positive” story about Obamacare.

We have heard more false rhetoric on this policy than just about any law I can remember in a long time. reviewed hard empirical data to determine the success of certain aspects of the plan thus far.

I’ve cut up their article to give you the straight dope to hopefully help you find something useful when you’re battle another misinformed con:

1. More than 2.65 million Medicare doughnut hole seniors  have saved more than $1.5 billion on their prescriptions this year.

2. Their premiums have NOT gone up!!

3. Seniors have saved and average of $569-per-person since the policy went into effect.

4. The savings came from Obama’s 50% discount for drugs bought during the doughnut hole period.

5. The current premium for the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is $30.76.  It will go down to $30.00 in August 2012.

6. Seniors are becoming more engaged in their health plans because of thousands of forums by Medicare.

7. As of this past November, 24 million Americans have gone in for free screenings and preventative check-ups.

8. Even Robert Moffitt, Sr. Fellow at Heritage believes all of these early interventions “could” bring down the cost of healthcare.

So folks, it’s pretty obvious from this report that the much maligned Obamacare really is working.  I’m sure that of the 24 million people who have already taken advantage of the free check-ups and screenings, it probably has already saved countless lives.

And, the fact that the average doughnut-hole senior saved nearly $600.00 dollars last year, while getting the prescription drugs they needed is really a big deal.  I’m sure you’ll never see this story on cable news so I thought I’d share.
Have a spectacular day!!    

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