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I received a message from

It read as follows:

Dear teacherken,

Congratulations! An anonymous benefactor has purchased you a lifetime gift subscription to Daily Kos.

To: teacherken
From: An anonymous benefactor

Message from An anonymous benefactor:
Thank you for all your contributions to this site and for making the world a better place!

I was stunned.  I was totally NOT expecting this.

And the site does look very different:  NO ADS!

I admit how nice it is to avoid the cognitive dissonance of seeing some of the ads for the other side.

Subscriptions help fund the efforts to make this site more productive, which requires the hiring of staff.

Markos has written about the importance of subscriptions.

There will be a real push for subscriptions in the near future.
Lifetime subscriptions will no longer be available.

In the meantime, someone thought enough of what I do to give me this.

People here are generous, and I am grateful.

Anonymous, whoever you are,   THANK YOU.

And to everyone else, perhaps a subscription, lifetime or otherwise, might make a nice gift to someone you know.

I think I will sit back and enjoy the gift!   :-)

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