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Around lunchtime today, Obama held a press conference with a group of average Americans standing behind him.  He then launched the simplest, most coherent attack on republicans ever with live props, and an all-out social media saturation campaign.  It’s so effective because you don’t have to understand the intricacies of Washington-speak nor be well versed in policy.  His question was simply:

What can you do with an extra $40.00 per-week in your pay check?

He then asked Americans to go to to tell other Americans what they could do with $40.00.  Obama reported that tens of thousands of Americans have already submitted the many ways they could use this money.

So why did I say it is his best attack ever?

1.  It shows the stark contrast between Democrats fighting for $40.00 for average Americans while the GOP is trying to protect the millions for billionaires.

2.  Every American can think of what to do with the money if a stranger walked up and gave them $40.00 every few days.

3.  The cons have already gone nuts over this.  Look at just a few headlines.

a. Examiner: Payroll Tax watch: 10 days until #40dollars becomes a reality

b. WAPO: Obama makes statement on Twitter and at White House for #40dollars campaign on payroll tax cut

c. Drudge: THE $40 TAX CUT...

d. CNN: What $40 means to you | Your thoughts

e. Fox: YOU DECIDE: What Would You Do With Your $40 Payroll Tax Cut?

So Obama punched and punched with a simple message that even has Romney speaking this language:

“Mitt Romney said Thursday that the $40 dollars many Americans would lose if the payroll tax holiday isn’t extended would make a “very substantial difference” to those who would be without it.

“It’ll be the difference between having a meal that includes meat or just Hamburger Helper,” said Romney in an interview with ABC News’ John Berman aboard the GOP candidate’s new campaign bus in Northern New Hampshire. “It could be the difference between being able to take your family to McDonald’s at the end of the week, it means the difference between being able to go to a movie or not going to a movie.”

So,  four hours after Obama opened up his can of $40-dollar campaign on multiple fronts, Mitch caved, Romney flipped and now Boehner and the House have all cried uncle.

Now tell me this is not Obama’s most spectacular messaging beat-down yet.

So when you enjoy your Christmas dinner with your crazy con uncle, tell him he can thank Obama for his $40.00 dollars and a stool instead of a mule. The stool is for him and his entire party to sit down and shut the heck up.

Gimme my $40-spot now!!

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