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Great news! Late this week - on Friday, I think - I had a long conversation with Testvet - Mike Bailey. Since he had a new piece of heart plumbing installed in September, he hasn't been back to the hospital. The doctors warned him that the procedure had risks while it was in progress and there was going to be a months-long recovery time with it's ups and downs. The docs were spot on.

At first talking with Mike was very hard for him - sometimes impossible - and unnerving for me. From time to time I wondered if he would make it. This week I feared the worst - I tried reaching him 3 times and there was no answer. On my 4th attempt, Dorrie picked up the phone. We talked a bit. Then she put Mike on. I couldn't believe it! Testvet - the guy they couldn't kill no matter how hard they tried - was back.

At the end of our conversation he said that for a long time he had spent preparing himself and his family for when he died. Now, he is working on deciding how to live.

Now, about Sara R things are not so good on two fronts.

Sara R has screwed up. No two ways about it. Sara R's Love Catcher Quilts have been a roaring success - for those who have them. And so many people have contributed what they can. However, Sara R - being the big hearted person she is - has completed the quilts and sent them out without collecting enough money from you all. You are not to blame. She "didn't want to make a fuss".

Last week I discovered two things:
First of all Sara has a bronchial infection. Nurse Kelley is on top of it. Sara has been bed in been for the last four days. When I talked with her today she said that her chest was clearing up, but her sinuses were a mess. After she washes her hair, she headed back to bed.  

When I tried to take her to the clinic, I discovered the problem with the quilts. Being the nosey friend that I am I also discovered Problem # 2.

Problem # 2: Their cupboards are bare. On top of that sister winglion [Ann] is getting fewer hours of work. Their combinded income isn't going to be enough to pay the bills and all of their reserves are gone. As best as we can tell Sara is about $2800 short.

So, Kossacks, I hate to do this but it's time to call on you once again.

log onto paypal then plug in
Thanks Kellry

So, salute to testvet, and if he can heal, so can Sara R.

UPDATE: We are now at $960.00. We have a challange - cany will match the next $500.
Another UPDATE - from Sara:

I really, really need to write a diary to properly thank all of you.  It means so much to me and my sister what you all have done here for us.  We feel supported and that our work is deeply valued -- and that means the world.  However, Nurse Kelley has advised me to wait until tomorrow to write because she doesn't think I'm well enough to sit with a diary tonight.  I listen to what Nurse Kelley sez because things go much better when I do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love, Sara

Originally posted to llbear on Sun Jan 08, 2012 at 06:07 PM PST.

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