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At LONG last, this just in.

MSNBC OUSTS CONTRIBUTOR PAT BUCHANAN OVER RACIST BOOK | Conservative contributor Pat Buchanan’s tenure at MSNBC may have finally come to an end. AP reports that MSNBC president Phil Griffin has indicated the controversial former presidential candidate will not be allowed back on the network after the release of his latest book. “Suicide of a Superpower” has been roundly condemned for its racially-charged content, including chapters titled “The End of White America” and “The Death of Christian America.” Griffin said, “When Pat was on his book tour, because of the content of the book, I didn’t think it should be part of the national dialogue much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC.” As ThinkProgress has reported, Buchanan has a long history of bigotry and has made many offensive statements while in the network’s employ. 275,000 people signed a petition calling on MSNBC to fire him.

of course, some outlets think this is just terrible:

On the other hand, MSNBC has changed. It openly courts Progressive views and news. It puts out job ads asking for candidates with a progressive news background. Its pundit host class is all progressive and the network lets them show up en masse at the White House for off the record get togethers. The network is openly and aggressively courting the African American viewing audience so much so that it now notes how big it is in African American viewership in its releases.

Add all these things together and you now have a scenario where MSNBC, which used to be able to handle a Pat Buchanan and his intransigent controversial views, can no longer afford to do so without alienating core constituencies it covets.

[emphasis added.]

Good riddance to lousy rubbish, says me.

 UPDATE:  Now, wait 'til you see who they've got to replace him - the right's equivalent of a Gay Jewish Klansman - it's Robert Traynham, a black, gay former aide to Sen. Santorum. Uh-huh.

Traynham is well-known in LGBT insider politics, and received an on-air tryout just last week on Chris Matthews’ Hardball, when the black, gay, former Rick Santorum Director of Communications and senior staffer appeared in a segment to support his former boss.

Traynham was outed years ago while working for the then-Pennsylvania Senator, by journalist Mike Rogers. Santorum painted Traynham as a victim.

Sounds balanced to me. That's so long as "balanced" means "batshit insane."

Thanks to all for getting this on the rec list - good news is always welcome!

Up-UPDATE: Apparently, there has been no firing, just a suspension. MSNBC President Phil Griffin said Saturday:

"When Pat was on his book tour, because of the content of the book, I didn't think it should be part of the national dialogue much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC"

and he also said

... he hasn't decided whether conservative commentator and author Pat Buchanan will be allowed back on the network.

Perhaps he needs to hear our opinions on this...?

MSNBC Corporate Office Headquarters
HQ One MSNBC Plaza Secaucus, NJ 07094.

Originally posted to qannabbos indica on Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 11:04 AM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

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