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I just got word from a friend of a friend about the conditions that arrestees from the actions.  It isn't pretty, in fact it's disgusting.

"Just got out of Santa Rita Jail last night the prisoners from the Oakland Commune were being denied medications (some had seizures) while the guards said they didnt care if they died. Some people were brutally beaten. The put tear gas in the vents of my cell twice. They were keeping people without restrooms forcing them to shit and piss themselves or puke all over and stay in the same area...."

There's at least one Kossack who was arrested, allie123 is her nick here I believe, and she had spoken about being denied medicine the last time she was sent to Santa Rita Jail.  Just to be clear, the Jail is run by the Alameda County Sheriffs Department, not the OPD, so this is yet another law enforcement agency abusing protesters and it is absolutely disgusting.

Sorry for the short diary, but I don't have much more info right now.  I'll update as I hear more.

11:52 AM PT: This is of course in addition to attacks on protesters on Saturday by the OPD.  Corralling people then tear gassing them, firing rubber bullets or beanbag rounds at them, and throwing flashbangs.

And not to forget
Women arrestees were forced to give urine samples in front of male officers, ostensibly for pregnancy testing.

Just to make sure maximum humiliation was achieved.

12:27 PM PT: If you want to contact the Alameda County Sheriff's Department, which is the organization that runs the jail, their number is (510) 272-6878

4:43 PM PT: As some people have noted only one source has said anything about being tear gassed in the jail.  I am waiting for further confirmation of this.  It is possible that there was confusion between getting tear gassed while being detained by the police, which happened before people were sent to jail, and getting tear gassed while at the jail.  This is the only fact that is in dispute in this account.  Everything else has been verified by multiple sources.  I will pass on further confirmation when I hear from more sources.  

Also, here is a statement from about what happened in Oakland.  Note that what is published on the site does not get approved by the GA but does go through one of the working groups, or did when I was still involved in NYC.

Originally posted to AoT on Tue Jan 31, 2012 at 11:43 AM PST.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, California politics, Inherent Human Rights, Anonymous Dkos, Anonymiss Dkos, Team DFH, The Amateur Left, The Rebel Alliance, and DFH Local No 420.

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