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So, does anyone remember how "The China Syndrome" opened 12 days before 3 Mile Island?

Well, guess what documentary just happens to be opening TODAY?

For those without viewing ability, here's the official description:

Billions of dollars have been raised through the tireless efforts of women and men devoted to putting an end to breast cancer. Yet, breast cancer rates in North America have risen to 1 in 8. "What's going on?" asks Barbara Brenner in Pink Ribbons, Inc. a new film coming in 2012.

This feature documentary visits some of the massive fundraising runs and questions where the money goes and asks 'who really profits from pink ribbon campaigns?'. We meet women with metastatic breast cancer from the IV League support group of Austen, Texas who openly tell us their stories.

OK, let's be rational about this: This is a slightly different situation, as the distributor of Pink Ribbons, Inc. almost certainly scrambled to move up the release date of the film due to the Susan G. Komen meltdown over the past 2 days.

Still, there's no way they could have produced the film in the past 48 hours; it won several awards at film festivals in 2011, so the timing is still amazingly serendipitous.

I imagine the producers/distributors were probably in the middle of negotiating a simple straight-to-DVD release sometime this spring and suddenly had a "Holy Shit, you gotta be kidding me!" moment 2 days ago.

HOLD THE PHONE! I stand corrected--take a look at the YouTube upload date: Dec. 20, 2011!!

Now take a look at the officially scheduled release date, shown at the end of the video: Feb. 3, 2012.

Does anyone know what YouTube's policies are on editing already-uploaded videos? Can you add or edit text (like, say, a release date) after having already uploaded it without it impacting the original upload date?

If not (or if they didn't do so), then that means that they just happened to pick today as the release date for this particular documentary...back in mid-December!


Update: OK, thanks to Scarce in the comments below for the official NFB (National Film Board of Canada) version of the trailer; sure enough, it looks like Feb. 3rd, 2012 has been the scheduled official release date for some time now.

Talk about fortuitous timing.

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