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Might I please say that from Komen to Issa I have been angry.

Might I add that we have, without challenge, granted the word "liberty" to the right, and that makes me angry.  

You're surprised by the make-up of the Issa hearing?  Really?  Find me one Congress that ever reflected the population.  Tell me that we women weren't included in the enactment of Title VII because southerners thought that including women in a civil rights statute would lead to its defeat.

Tell me why we have to justify non-contraceptive use of birth control for medical reasons ...

Tell me why our support of abortion rights has been reduced to tales of woe.  I'll say now, without apology, that I had an abortion.  I wasn't raped; no man in my family ever laid an inappropriate hand on me; I was plagued by no physical or mental disabilities; and I wasn't poor or suffering from any oppressive conditions.  I made the right choice and, at the time, no one expected me to justify that choice.

Tell me why the Democrats abandoned us, even as the Republicans were making clear their full-on assault against women.

Tell me why the issue of women's health is not a political issue.  It seemed like the right thing to say when the Komen Foundation cut off funds to Planned Parenthood, but our health has always been subject to so-called experts and supposedly informed jurists and legislators.  Have none of them noticed the linguistic connection beteen "hysterectomy" and "hysteria"?

Tell me why I'm not hearing the words "freedom" and "liberty."  Because that's what this is all about.  Because I am a woman, my existence is contantly subjected to the scrutiny of politicians and the opinion of the public.  I am only free if the government takes its foot off my throat (credit to one of the Grimke sisters) and gets its paws off my body.

Tell me why we lost the language of liberation.

Tell me these things and then we can fight.  


Update II:  You people are freakin' awesome!  All through the comments I see "bring it on," "we're a force to be reckoned with," "it's time to fight" and similar awesomeness.  I recommend twigg's diary, which has an assessment of our outrage and links to the two other righteous rants.

We also have a new phrase in our verbal arsenal, courtesy of Cintimcmomma:

Time to "bayer bomb" all the GOP candidates who think we do not have the right to make our own decisions about our bodies.
I'm down with all the calls for a massive march.  We need an organizer.  That's way outside my wheelhouse, but harnessing this anger, this need to fight the good fight, we can't let that go.  I was pissed when I wrote this diary.  Now, because of your ferocity, I'm inspired.


Update: Didn't see the rec list coming -- thanks!  From the comments, TomP offers that:

It will be strong women like you that help overcome the right wing sexist agenda.  Men can help, but women must lead.
On the "strong women" front, legalchic is a sister ready for the fight:
I am my own person. Whole. Independent. Intelligent. Productive.  I am a single mother by choice (although not planned there are no accidents). I have supported myself, my son, and my life. I have earned a living, paid my taxes, driven the economy, became a homeowner (without a man co-signing). I have a 780 credit score.  I have almost no debt. I have no car payment but have 2 cars. I work my fucking ass off (large tho it is), and have made a good life for myself and my son (who's now studying engineering as a freshman at FAU).

I say this not to brag but to make a point.  (BTW, I'm not poor and I'm not a minority so I started at a better place financially and socio-economically than many of my fellow women).  

IT'S MY FUCKING LIFE AND I MANAGE JUST FINE. IT'S MY FRIGGIN UTERUS. IT'S MY BODY. I make my own decisions.  I take care of it between me and my doctor. I am among the 20% or so that took birth control pills for MEDICAL reasons. I am a citizen and I am granted certain inalienable rights.  Just because I'm a woman and have a, gasp, vagina and the responsibility of being the child bearer of our species doesn't make me lesser than, inferior, unable, or something to be subjugated.

BACK THE FUCK OFF.  I swear, women are such a force to be reckoned with and I think we're just learning that fact... maybe all that's going on is a blessing in disguise.  Even so, it's pissing me the fuck off...



Originally posted to VetGrl on Thu Feb 16, 2012 at 09:59 PM PST.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.

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