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This past Saturday I wrote an email to  the General Manager of my local station that carries the Limbaugh Radio Show.  In the email I explained that the comments by Limbaugh were offensive to me and I was disgusted by the comments. I asked that they consider removing the Rush Limbaugh Show from the stations format. I also (and this is important) asked that a copy of the email be put in the FCC public file. I then told him I would stop by in the near future to look at the FCC public file.   For what happened next see you past the orange thing.

Well today was the near future and I stopped by the WIBA office and asked to see the public file. The nice lady said she would be right back with it and disappeared into the station. She came back with a stack of papers and said this is the ads we run for political offices (Scott Walker for and against ads - I live in Wisconsin). I explained to her that I was more interested in any comments listeners had regarding Rush Limbaughs statements over the last few days. I also asked her when the stations license was up for renewal and when the application for renewal was to be filed. ( I already had that information, but wanted to see if they would provide it to me.) She asked why I would want that information and I explained to her that a formal complaint to the FCC to bar the license could only be done during a certain time period.  You should have seen her face turn red. She said she did not know the answers to those questions but would ask someone and be right back.

About ten minutes later the General Manager, came to meet with me. His name was Jeff xxxx and he explained that they had until the end of the quarter to add any comments to the FCC public file. Jeff said they should be inserted the first week in April and I was welcome to come back then to take a look.  He was actually a nice guy and gave me a timeline of the procedures of when any formal complaint would have to be made.  He gave me his card and said to call anytime. I told him I had been listening the last couple of days and noticed that during his local ad times he seemed to be running a lot of public service announcements. He admitted that a lot of the local advertisers were requesting that their ads not run during the Rush Limbaugh Show. He also said that he would not be surprised if Premiere Radio suspended Limbaugh for a period of time for the slut remarks.

I urge anyone that has a station that broadcasts Limbaugh to email, phone and write the station, and then actually visit the station to let them know you are serious. Ask that anything you email or write be put in the FCC public file.

Keep up the pressure, the next step is to get the stations to not like Limbaugh.

5:15 PM PT: Wow... top of the wreck list.  I just wrote this to encourage others to visit the radio stations and let management know how serious we are. Please don't just read this..... go out and talk to the stations. I was scared, but it all turned out OK.  

Originally posted to triumph110 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 at 02:25 PM PST.

Also republished by Sluts, Badger State Progressive, Maryland Kos, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Progressive Hippie.

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