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     While we Occupy seeking justice - to protect the 99% against the tyranny, cronyism and corruption of the 1%. They utilize our tax paid public servants, who are loyal to their pay grade. Corruptly placing their duty to serve and protect the one's paying their salary as secondary.

    Demonstrating such premises have validity, we have many cases apropos. We all know about Trayvon Martin being killed and the rush by local law enforcement to let George Zimmerman go free. Now, we have more examples of abuse of authority extra ordinary. It seems worse is on the way - such as Santa Monica Police claiming they were "forced" to pepper spray a 4 year old, as MN Police basically steal a waitress's $12,000 tip and White Plains NY Police responding to a Medical Alert button hit accidently and killing the "N'--gra" without good cause.

      It is our country, our states, our city, our mayors and our police. They work for us. We pay them, more than many of us earn, to be entrusted to protect and serve - while upholding our laws in good faith. Yet, they have waged a civil war against us. We now have learned that the warnings were true - we have a POTUS wannabe larcenous - after our SS & Medicare.  At the same time we have Trayvon Martin killed - where justice was rigged and an Ex Marine killed in his home - because he was a negra and had hit his life alert button by mistake. It is time we fire the entrenched GOP tyrants and take the time to hire good, honorable people.

           There are a lot of returning service men and women capable to do the job

Details of Police Bad Faith Conduct


1. Santa Monica Police Say they were Forced to Pepper Spray 4 year old

     They decided to change the system of cost for classes in Santa Monica. When they held a hearing on the matter and the protestors showed up in more numbers than expected, the Santa Monica Police panicked. Claiming they

"Had" to pepper spray a 4 yr old child.

2.  Waitress Declares $12,000 tip - Police seize it saying "smells like drugs".

    In Minnesoata, a waitress who reported a $12,000 tip - had it seized by Police bogusly ( see Yahoo News reference to ABC Top story here). The media story states;

Stacy Knutson, a struggling Minnesota waitress and mother of five, says she was searching for a "miracle" to help her family with financial problems.

But that "miracle" quickly came and went after police seized a $12,000 tip that was left at her table. Knutson filed a lawsuit in Clay County District Court stating that the money is rightfully hers. Police argue it is drug money.

     According to the story - Originally, the Police said she could have it back in 60 days. If no one else claimed it. Then, when she showed up, they told her to come back in 90 days. When she returned at that time, they told her that forensics had determined there was a "smell" of marijuana within the money and they were seizing it. She could have $1000 as a reward. Stacy is planning to sue.

      Don't know about you - but the only thing that seems to really smell here, is the integrity of the police. Better watch out churches and how owners, the next thing you know, they will have drug sniffing Chi Hua Hua's checking the collection plate and your money at the movies; seizing your assets arbitrarily and capriciously.

Maybe we should just get ahead of them and sell marijuana laced Pepper sprays for a %?

UPDATE 11:45 pm April 5th

Thanks to commentor Horace Boothroyd III - we have the update on this case.

Purportedly, the waitress is going to get the whole $12,000
(maybe they want to steal the patent idea of Pepper spray flavored as marijuana)

Local vide of the case

3.    George Zimmerman was going to Get Away with Killing Trayvon Martin.

    By now, nearly everyone in the country has heard of the Trayvon Martin case. We have done several Diaries on the case and explored many angles the main stream media seem damnation bent on ignoring. When we started, the Change.Org Petition for Trayvonwas at 25,000 signatures. Kossacks helped pushed the Petition to above 2 million signatures and our esteemed Meteor Blades has taken up the Trayvon Martin case with a passion. Even President Obama has addressed the case on more than 1 occasion.

    Unfortunately, notoriety is a 2 edge sword. The more we get into helping seek justice, the more the GOP get involved in their fight to prevent justice. As seen in this YouTube Young Turks video, a CNN Poll said 75% of those questioned think George Zimmerman should be arrested. Then, after media coverage picked up, those numbers purportedly dropped to 49%. While I find this highly specious, the other poll numbers - may explain the disparity. A particular poll by Wilson Perkins Allen states that 74% of Democrats felt Zimmerman should be arrested and only 24% of Republicans felt the same. This gives you the 49% of the 2nd CNN Poll.

4.    Ex Marine, Mr. Chamberlain Sr. triggers Med Alert and is Killed by brutal Police

     As can be expected, if you let evil exist, it not only thrives, it also seeks to expand and grow. In White Plains NY, Kenneth Chamberlain, a 68 year old ex Marine, with a heart condition - accidently triggers his Home Medical Alert system. Police inexplicably responded in a swat like fashion. Escalating a simple issue into a homicide, purportedly you can hear a policeman call Mr. Chamberlain  a racial slur. Then they turned off their filming equipment and killed the retired Marine surreptitiously.

    Now, it has been learned, after several months of bad faith posturing and efforts to cover up by the White Plains government that there are recordings the police did not know about - from the medical alert company. It is also now revealed that the police officer who shot Kenneth Chamberlain, has a previously history of beating up a young man with a batton - while the person was arrested and hand cuffed to a wall.

   This link details the NY Times story on March 5, 2012 (here). For months the White Plains authorities absolutely refused to release the name of the officer. As noted above, Anthony Carelli brutally beat up a man with a night stick - while he was hand cuffed and in custody. (see ABC 7 Local News (here)).

YOuTube of the case by Young Turks


      We are in perilous times. Our country has suffered white collar criminal abuse extra ordinary. The previous Administration rewarded larceny with a tax payer bailout in the hundreds of Billions (and many of us believe in the Trillions).

      There are GOP prosecutions of their own who don't tow the line such as Ted Stevens, and illegal prosecutions of Democrats like Governor Siegelman and the many by former US Attorney Chris Christie - who was rewarded for his bad faith conduct and made a Governor.  Eight (8) Bush era USA's fired, because they would not be a part of illegal prosecutions. Those nefarious issues are complicated further by the GOP "might makes right" mentality, that has caused evil cronyism and cover ups to transpire in the Trayvon Martin and Kenneth Chamberlain cases. Now we have the Mitts the pitts POTUS wannabe boasting openly that Social Security and Medicare must go.

      If we are smart, we will realize that the only thing that must go, is this neo-con racial bias, tyranny, cronyism and corruption vast. We must re elect President Obama and hard press upon him the reasons why. Then we must assist him with local campaigns such as Elizabeth Warren and coming out loud for powers/ strength of the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau.

      It is up to us to realize we are in a civil war - and the bad guys are winning!

                                                    FOR MARINE KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN


Originally posted to Citizens Against Tryanny Cronyism & Corruption on Thu Apr 05, 2012 at 05:24 PM PDT.

Also republished by Police Accountability Group.


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