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Oh dear, just because of one comment, it's time to run away

Following Thursday’s descent into the Rosengate boomlet, Slate’s Dave Weigel reported that DNC spokesperson Brad Woodhouse was walking away from the line “war on women.”
They don't seem to get it, at first the talk tough then high tail it into the long grass once the GOP fires back.

What else should we expect they have been doing this for so long now they don't even have to think.

"This time we will stand firm!" they cry

"Boo" the Republicans say.

"Run away, run away" the DNC wail.

Then the wonder why the hell we get annoyed with them.

Prosecuting war criminals....Run Away

Bush tax cuts.....Run Away

Single payer....Run Away

Stimulate the economy...Run Away

Occupy Wall St....Run Away

Ending the war in Afghanistan...Run Away

War on Women's Rights....Run Away

The Overton window gently squeals on its wheels and veers ever further to the right, I'm trying to remember the last time the DNC actually stood firm. After all they have been passing ex-Republican legislation for so long now it's hard to know where they used to stand.

How long will it be before they start bipartisan talks on women's rights, I give them a week or two.

It is no wonder we lose to the frothing at the mouth brigade.



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