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Sunday capped off a terrible week in the Mitt Romney for Plutocrat campaign as his shifting and shifty explanations for when he left Bain Capital, culminated in a five-network news channel blitz in which Mitt robotically repeated his stance that he left Bain Capital in February 1999, to work on the 2002 Olympics and that he would not be releasing tax returns any time soon.

Ed Gillespie, one of Mitt's well-meaning surrogates--God bless him--explained how Mitt quit Bain.

Gillespie said Mitt "retroactively" retired from Bain Capital. This is the first time many of us are hearing this explanation publicly (and enjoyably). It is a terrible explanation, befitting a terrible man and a terrible campaign.

Willard Mitt Romney, who was already annoyed for having to mingle with five members of the media in order to explain himself yet again, was particularly upset with Obama for America deputy campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter for truthtelling, something that apparently offends Mitt Romney very much:

“When Mitt Romney ran for governor and now as he’s running for president, he consistently claimed he could not be blamed for bankruptcies and layoffs from Bain investments after February 1999 because he departed for the Olympics,” Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, said in a statement. “Now, we know that he wasn’t telling the truth.”

On a conference call with reporters, Cutter alleged Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee for president, was either “misrepresenting his own position at Bain to the SEC, which is a felony, or he was misrepresenting his position at Bain to the American people.”

Team Mitt and Mitt himself demanded that she apologize to Mr. Romney and further Mitt demanded that the President of the United States apologize to him for running ads that show how Mitt Romney's mouth says one thing, while his signature on federal documents suggest another.

As Mitt is fond of saying and learned very well this week, politics ain't beanbag, and neither the President nor Ms. Cutter are going to apologize:

President: "No. We will not apologize. Mr Romney claims he's Mr. fix-it for the economy because of his business experience, so I think voters entirely legitimately want to know what is exactly his business experience."

Matters only got worse for Team Mitt as the week wore on and Mitt reached his breaking point, when the Obama campaign aired one of the most-watched and talked about ads of the election season, entitled "Firms."

The ad highlights newspaper clippings looking like floating tombstones with headlines citing the countries where American jobs were outsourced by Bain-owned companies.

The ad made millions of Americans seek their remote controls and a formal apology from the Romney campaign as the soundtrack features the tone-deaf, milk-curdling, mangling of "America the Beautiful," as performed by Mitt Romney.

Well a man running for President, for Pete's Sake can only take so much. At the end of the day, Mitt is only human, as far as we know. He puts his pants put on one leg at a time, with the help of a full-time staff, just like you and me.

So I can understand why Mitt is not taking it anymore starting Monday. Follow the squiggle to see what's ahead.

Romney campaign to attack Obama's 'political payoffs'

Romney's campaign will launch a fresh assault this week accusing President Obama of political cronyism at the expense of middle-class workers.

Trying to shift the presidential-campaign narrative away from his personal finances and tenure at Bain Capital, Republican Mitt Romney will launch a fresh assault this week accusing President Obama of political cronyism at the expense of middle-class workers.

In a coordinated offensive starting Monday, the Romney team and its allies will say that the president has been a "typical politician" and has demonstrated "systematic favoritism" toward top campaign fundraisers by lavishing them with federal appointments and their companies with taxpayer money and special government deals, according to campaign officials.

Romney has broadly labeled Obama a "crony capitalist," but aides said the presumptive GOP nominee will deliver the attack to voters in a sharper and more substantive and sustained manner beginning at a Tuesday rally in Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: Here's the hard-hitting new video from Team Mitt, featuring the President soulfully singing Al Green's hit, "Let's Stay Together" and staying on key.

Wow. That's going to leave a mark.

After this ruthless takedown millions are going to be humming a love song they are deeply fond of and remembering the contrast between Romney's contrived offkey, trying-too-hard mess and the smooth President.

Seriously, who is running the Romney campaign?

Painting the President as a crony capitalist is the Big Idea and Game Changer. Yeah, that should work.

Mitt Romney, the Koch brother, from another mother, who attended a fundraiser where the parking lot was choked not with luxury cars but custom airplanes, is going to try to deflect from his obscene wealth and Wall Street pedigree, by painting the President as a crony capitalist.

Mitt Romney, who "saved" the Olympics by lobbying Washington for taxpayer money to line the pockets of Utah's wealthy, is going to go all in on crony capitalism. This is going to be fun.

The other part of Mitt's plan is to go positive.

Mitt Romney saved the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics — and he has a golden opportunity now with the London Games to promote his work as an impressive reformer and turnaround artist, according to message experts and consultants.

Romney’s feel-good narrative from his time running the Winter Olympics 10 years ago is well-known: The original organizers were embroiled in scandals and controversies until Romney was brought in and transformed the troubled games into a stunning success. Now, in the midst of his campaign against President Barack Obama, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has a unique chance on this summer’s Olympic stage to burnish his reputation as a manager and Mr. Fixit.

The Olympics come in the middle of the summer campaign doldrums — a few weeks ahead of the national party conventions, when the election season shifts into high gear.

While some experts say Romney has a prime opportunity to generate positive publicity from the London Games — which he and his wife, Ann, plan to attend — there’s also the possibility that the Republican hopeful’s bid to capitalize on the international competition could backfire, thanks to a dancing horse named Rafalca and a new attack on his Olympic record from the Obama camp.

In fact, some consultants and messaging gurus say it’s Obama who could end up taking home the gold. As the incumbent president, he’ll have the opportunity to showcase his patriotism rooting for Team USA, and he’s also sending his wife, Michelle, to London to head up the presidential delegation at the July 27 opening ceremony.

Read more:

Well there we have it.

Monday look for a major turn of events in this presidential campaign as Mitt rises to the occasion and totally resets the narrative. You know like he did with the Gas Prices Are Too High game changer, and Getting Booed at the NAACP game changer, which the media is still supposed to be talking about but isn't.

This time though, the man who in the latest Pew Research poll is trailing the President on economic issues, is really going to turn things around with this historically visionary crony capitalism attack beginning on Monday.

Originally posted to FiredUpInCA on Sun Jul 15, 2012 at 10:39 PM PDT.

Also republished by The Bain Files.

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