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I followed a google link to a publication, The Cumberland Times-News, which promised to tell me Republicans loved women. Which it did; pointing out that if Republicans didn't love women, where do Republican babies come from? The article also lists the conservative women that the left hates....ok, spare me. I realized I had stumbled across material from this paper before, similar material.
I noticed an internal link to an editorial titled "They'll stick it to the rest of us..." Well, I was already there, so why not see what it's talking about. To my wondering eyes, I read gems like the ones below. The list even acknowledges the paper's history of supporting the policies of the wealthy. Clearly, they are more willing to listen to reason.

  Editorial exerpts from the Cumberland Times-News:
"According to the IRS the 400 richest Americans had an average income of $202 million dollars in 2009. To generate this they would have to possess billions of dollars in wealth."

"Mitt Romney with a personal fortune of $250 million had investment income in 2010 of a paltry $21.7 million and paid 13.9 percent in federal taxes. On the playing fields of wealth accumulation, Mitt and old whipping boy John Kerry would be warming the bench."

"Zero federal taxes were paid by 6 of those 400. Another 27 paid from 0 to 10 percent; 89 more paid from 10 to 15 percent. Only 82 paid near the top marginal rate of 35 percent."

"In corporate America, Apple Inc. is a shining star. The late Steve Jobs hired 13,000 of our best and brightest to design the products the company is known for.....He then set up shop in Communist China, paid workers a pittance, happily ignored any environmental concerns and exported the finished product to Apple stores in the U.S. where he paid our young, bright 20-somethings $11.25 per hour to sell them."

"Caterpillar Corporation recently bought a company in Canada, told the workers to take a 50 percent cut in wages and, when they refused, moved the operation to the Midwest where desperate workers signed on for $12 per hour with no benefits."

"Coal companies blow up the tops of mountains and fill in miles of mountain streams with polluting minerals and get local residents to support it or face losing their livelihood."

"In Congress, the House passed the Ryan budget which would give future Medicare recipients a voucher and wish them good luck in the private insurance market."

"It would dismantle Medicaid, eliminate earned income credit and other helps for the poor, raise taxes on the middle class, give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and ask us to sit back and watch the “job creators” eliminate poverty. Catholic nuns called Ryan’s budget immoral."

"Letter after letter is published in this paper defending the rich. They think Milton Hershey is still the stereotypical rich man. Sorry! The face of capitalism has changed."

"Hedge Fund Managers, Wall Street Banksters, Leveraged Buyout Artists like Bain Capital and CEO’s making over 240 times the average pay of employees are the new normal."

"They own most of Congress and the media. They run propaganda ads favoring oil, coal and gas. They export jobs to other countries."

"They are immoral, anti-religion and un-American. Far right conservatives are always referring to the Declaration of Independence because of the reference to the Creator."

"Paul Ryan’s favorite author, Ayn Rand, was an atheist and had no use for a Creator. The rich were her heroes; the less fortunate she disdained."

"I am convinced that Romney and Ryan will smile for Jesus while they stick it to the middle class and the poor."
---William Tunney

Now, I doubt Mr. Tunney speaks for all the readers of the Times-News, but given their FOX news approach to current events, hurray for them for publishing this editorial.


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