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I'm sorry. I'm sitting here listening to a guy - one who says we are defined by "defending those who cannot care for themselves" - who has obviously learned nothing of real value in his entire 42 years on this earth. His words reflect no sense of reality for many of us.

He speaks well. He lies well. He obviously believes strongly that he is right in his path. But he also does not seem to recognize that his entire belief structure is based on self-delusion and a callous attitude toward those who are not young, do not have their entire future ahead of them, and have the experience of life to not so naively believe that the opportunity to become a millionaire may not always be around the corner at every turn.

Here's my biggest issue, as someone who is dealing with elderly parents:

He's so happy to defend Medicare as his own budget destroys Medicaid. He had a grandmother with Alzheimers? Well, I've got a dad with that. She was on Medicare? Well, in Florida, once my dad enters a nursing home for his infirmity, he will be drained of his assets and have to transfer over to Medicaid - which Paul Ryan has nothing but disdain for.

Sure. His mother doesn't have to worry about that. With his wealth (and the money left from his father) he will NEVER have to concern himself as to whether his mother will ever have to switch into that healthcare system and DRAIN the country with their laziness. He and his fucked-up ignorant Ayn Rand beliefs have nothing but luxury to continue with their misplaced disdain for people like my dad who worked his entire life to support his family, had a good retirement until his party helped destroy their savings through two recessions and an infirmity nobody could have predicted.

He has the luxury of believing this fantasy. My family doesn't. Under the current system, if I do not put him in a nursing home, I will have to pay $12,500 a month to have someone watch him (and my equally infirmed mother) full time until he's "ready" to enter a nursing home (or eligible in FL). How realistic is that for those families not in the 1%?

Fuck you, Paul Ryan. You entitled little prick who has the luxury of placing judgement on the rest of us who do the best we can until tragedy occurs. Fuck you for considering your slim experience in life as any representation of anyone other than yourself - and thinking you have any standing to decide for the rest of us who is considered a "lazy bum" and who you believe has earned their place in this country. My dad was a Marine in WWII. Now he is a prisoner of a system that, despite the small amount he receives from VA, cannot take care of him without making him a pauper or draining the savings of his family. That is the America you steadfastly refuse to see.

Fuck you for your delusion. It is so far from the truth I wouldn't even degrade myself to try to explain it to you.

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