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Three serving soldiers who allegedly set up a militia group within the U.S. army, which plotted to overthrow the government and assassinate President Obama, face the death penalty after they were arraigned on murder charges.
They set up a militia group inside the Army and were convicted of killing a fellow (former) soldier and his girlfriend to cover up the organization.
Prosecutors in Georgia announced on Thursday they would seek death sentences in one of the most startling and potentially serious cases of an anti-government militia to be brought before the courts in recent years. They alleged that the soldiers stockpiled almost $90,000 worth of guns and bomb-making equipment which they planned to use to kill the president and carry out a range of other violent acts.

The article goes on to talk about what I have been saying for some time: this threat posed by militia groups is still on the rise - getting worse.

Since 2008, the number of groups surged from 149 to 1,274 in 2011, the law center reported this March.

The rapid growth, according to the law center, has been fueled by a collision of factors, from the troubles related to the struggling economy and foreclosure crisis to the election of President Obama, the nation's first black president. USA Today

This all but outright says racism is a factor in this, and I believe it is central, though separate from (but equal to!) their anti-government ideologies.

And as I have said before

What I think YOU DO SEE with the baggers and a lot of repubs is "Delusional thinking" without a diagnosed underlying mental illness.

I say that specifically because these people have developed what can be called a shared paranoid delusion which has been nurtured and encouraged by rightwing media and talk radio over the years.

Not only do they harbor these thoughts, they act upon them, make plans by considering them and thus end up at serious odds with the Real World.

These people......... have developed a constellation of erroneous ideas which have congealed into a sort of 'ideology' which has little to no factual basis and to which they are quite rabidly and unshakably committed.

Unshakably committed to the point of planning and executing wild and violent plans, hurting and killing people.

As Obama's re-election begins to appear more and more assured, watch for  more unsavory outbursts from the demographic.

And take care.

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