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So by now everyone knows that Romney went on Meet The Press and embraced the idea of coverage for people with preexisting conditions, and some other aspects of Obamacare. The last time the Romney campaign chose to embrace healthcare reform, the GOP base had a meltdown, fundraising boycotts were called for, and Romney had to rush out a hasty selection of Ryan as VP. This time there is no Ryan to pull out of a hat to appease the mobs, who are already saying stuff like this:

(Select quotes gathered from various GOP sites and comments on news articles)

nobody will insure if pre-existing conditions must be paid for. this guy is an ass.
Yeah I too will vote for him knowing full well that under Romney government will continue to grow and we will still be headed to hell on earth. What a choice.
Yup...he thinks he got the conservative vote locked up. Now he’s going to the mushy middle and slightly left of middle....which is where he’ll govern from.
Face palm...
So much for being able to hold his feet to the fire.
No one who has paid any attention at all will be surprised by this. Government forcing individuals, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies to do whatever government wants. That’s Romneycare in a nutshell—including taxpayer funded abortions and sex change operations requested by jailed criminals—like it or not.
You know Romney ** ***

The insurance companies have already said they would keep
that provision if Obamacare is repealed.

Republicans don’t know how to play the game.

They are not smart in politics.

They don’t know how to communicate.

The whole point is why does the federal government CONTROL
the health insurance companies in what they can offer?
THEY MUST OFFER IT, or probably get a hefty lawsuit/fine from the

ROmney you SUCK

Romney makes decision based on the given tide. He wants to be liked by everyone and thus becomes submissive. That is not the definition of a leader. May God help us.
Romney said many times during the primary process, I want to tax the 1% more.
Romney said many times during the primary process, I like much of obamacare.
He’s the candidate, it’s just irritating so many people fell for the GOPe line “he’s the only guy who can beat obama”.to so
I’m not voting for Romney and this is just another reason not to.

The other week his speech about energy independence spoke of “North American energy independence” which means he sees the US, Canada and Mexico as one economy like the European Union.

The old Bush RINO North American Union plan, in other words.

Keep running your mouth Romney. Victory should be a cakewalk and this guy going to blow it.
I'm still voting for him, but damn!



Can't this idjit just STFU about this (and other issues us Cons are NOT in favor of) for the next 7 weeks or so?

Sigh. Coverage of pre-existing conditions is perhaps the worst part of Obamacare. That's not insurance anymore, it's welfare.
Sigh. Coverage of pre-existing conditions is perhaps the worst part of Obamacare. That's not insurance anymore, it's welfare.
Romney may be dumb enough to lose this election.
If Romney wins, we, the people, will get Obamacare with a different name, an untra Liberal social agenda, extremely Liberal appointments to the Supreme Court, strong anti gun legislation, and, last, but not least, much higher taxes except for some of his cronies.
Time to begin preparing for impeachment
We don’t have to rely on the article, a week or so ago he said he was proud of RomneyCare. At first Romney said he would give states a waiver from ObamaCare. Next he said he would repeal it. Then he said he would repeal and replace it. I have not heard him say what parts he would change only the parts he would keep. Are there any parts he disagrees with if so what? ObamaCare is also a financial issue what would he do about the effect on the economy? I guess we have to put him in office to find out what he is going to do.
Romney is a loser. He has made his contribution towards the death of our Republic by insuring the victory of “The Divine One.”
Its a tougher decision here in Pennsylvania but I can’t bring myself to vote for more of the same old stuff in a Republican package.

I can vote for some other GOP candidates down the ticket like US Senate or PA Attorney General and I will.

But not for Romney.

Folks, this presidential election is a wash. I’ve been saying this for months and this is why I’m giving money to Congressional races and voting for Goode for president.

Because — seriously — Romney would be WORSE for America than Zer0.

I don’t get you people. Did you really believe he’s changed from his MA days?

Romney for about a year now: REPEAL AND REPLACE!!!

The staggering bewilderment over Romney’s Liberal views is astonishing given the alleged acumen of the typical Conservative.

Romney’s a Lib, Obama’s a Marxist. Still undecided?

Romney begins to slither and shed his 'conservative' skin to reveal the person he really is.

This is always the plan with the GOP. The only reason the populace supports or votes for their candidates is because the other side is so absurd.

Oh, Obama’s team is storing this all up. If you think Romney blushed and stammered during the primary debates, wait till October.
What makes me angry is that he is getting in Kerry territory there. I was for it before I was against it. However, the nuance is that now he is for it again, in some parts but not all. What a mess? Is the independent voter going to spend an hour to parse out what his position is and why or will he just say, screw it, I don't know where you stand.
10:07 AM PT:
More Rino Romney surfacing...Facepalm.
And what has to be my favorite so far:

10:10 AM PT:
And how is he going to pay for these gifts?

he may end up bankrupting the country yet faster than unmodified Obamacare will.

Good going Repub -E’s. Get rid of Obama with another Obama.
Requiring coverage of pre-existing conditions without a mandate would bankrupt the insurance industry.
I am VERY familiar with Mr. Romney and have been following his career since Massachusetts. The only constant about him is that his flipfloppiness gives “Lurch” Kerry a run for his money. And not only is he light on specifics of what he would do as President, The only things he is specific about — like healthcare — only reinforce his history of flipflopping.

If he’s elected, get ready for Republicans to OWN Obamneycare, Amnesty, and more.

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