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Just a short, throw-away line yesterday during NPR’s regular piece interview of the Gallop poll director, who predictably opined that gaffes on both sides typically fade from significance political-polling-speaking pretty quickly.

But hold-on a second and think about this. Aside from the NPR bullshit that they can’t be critical of a Republican unless they are also critical of a Democrat, in that bull-shitty, lazy, don’t-look-for-real-information-here, false equivalency way that they slavishly juxtapose these things, here’s what they are really saying, and it deserves two WTFs.

The first point NPR is making is that Obama's saying “They didn’t build that” is a “gaffe.” A blunder. A mistake. But, AS WE ALL KNOW, the only way to interpret Obama’s words in such a way is to take them completely out of the context of the preceding and following sentences he spoke that day.

SO, if we are to believe NPR, what Obama DID NOT ACTUALLY SAY, and DID NOT MEAN, and DOES NOT IN FACT BELIEVE, is an Obama “gaffe,” a blunder, a mistake, juxtaposed against Romney’s statements about the 47% of Americans who will always vote for Obama.


And Romney’s “gaffe?” Romney’s “gaffe,” his blunder, his mistake, consisted of a string of declarative statements, quoted completely and completely in context, which accurately described his beliefs and opinions, and which have been subsequently confirmed by FOX and the rest of the Republican World as accurate statements, in their Ayn Randian objectivism polluted opinions. These statements were made intentionally. They were made to an audience that agreed with Romney on these important points about how the irresponsible, mooching, Obama-voting 47% are take take taking from the producers, the builders, the good guys, the Republicans, like the $50,000-a-plate-donating audience members. Romney didn’t say these things by mistake, intending or meaning to say something else.

BUT, if we are to believe NPR, it is a blunder, a mistake, a “gaffe,” for Romney to clearly and intentionally say something that he in fact believes, that he in fact believes to be accurate, that in fact enables the audience to have an accurate view of just who he is and just what he is about.

AND, if we are to believe NPR, as a gaffe, Romney’s statements will quickly fade from significance, politically-polling-speaking.

Because, if we are to believe NPR, what a Republican candidate for president actually believes and actually thinks, and who he really is, and what kind of character he truly has, is apparently just as unimportant and lacking of substance as what a Democratic candidate for president (or an actual Democratic president, for that matter) does not actually think, and does not actually believe, who he is not (REALLY!) and what he is not about (TRULY!).


Originally posted to Victim of Circumstance on Fri Sep 21, 2012 at 02:14 PM PDT.

Also republished by Media Whores Exposed.


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