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I've read several posts from people saying that they're getting scripting errors when trying to read this site.  Apparently it's been happening on all browser types, but IE more often.

Here is one of my replies from last night's encounter:
Because they have something coded incorrectly somewhere.  But, the mistake is not 'big' enough to interrupt the primary functioning of the site.  It's kinda like putting 3/4 cup of sugar in a cookie recipe instead of the recommended 1 cup.  The 'powers' have most likely decided that the error is not important enough to deal with at the current time.

Dkos is aware of it.  But, like I said it's not high on the list.  Either that, or some poor pgmr somewhere is trying like mad to find the correct senario in which they can recreate the error.  It really could be a very, very specific set of conditions that is required to cause the error.  Here's what I suggest y'all do in order to help this poor guy out in trying to pin the error down.

After the jump.....

Send an email each time it happens.  But most important, in the email, state the following:
- what browser and version (if you know)
- time of day
- what page of the site you're on (Front page, diaries list, groups list, etc)
- a list of what is on that page, particularly if it's the front page (title and time of the post), or a screen shot of the page in question.

This will help the poor pgmr that's hunting this thing down have samples of conditions and might be able to recreate the error and find the comma that was put in the wrong spot (or something as equally elusive to find).

One time it took me 3 solid days to figure an issue out.  Sometimes, two order groups weren't auto generating when a patient was being xferred from emergency to a 'regular' nursing floor.  I eventually found that if the nurse on the 'regular' floor knew a patient was 'on the way', they'd put the 'usual' orders for that type of patient into the system and when the transfer pgm ran, it saw that there was a list of order groups already out there for the patient and therefore didn't add the two auto generated ones, presuming they were already there.  There's more to the story than that........

Now for a rant of mine..... Over the past 10-20 years the opinion of the IT department has fallen to "they're just another expense to the bottom line of the company".  We're being taken for granted.  Enough of the 'management' has had an intro to computing that they think they know it all now... they set incredibly stupid dead lines for projects.  They seem to think that we can program a system over the weekend.  Management doesn't get that if they didn't have the IT department managing the data, the code, the systems, they would be at a complete standstill.  Nothing would happen in the company without the IT department (yes, I'm well aware that there are some 'smaller' companies that don't really need an IT department..... I'm talking the Fortune 1000 at least).  Inventory control, credit card transactions, phone details (let alone an actual phone call), atm usage, banking transactions are all dealt with in a 'timely' matter by the IT department.

Sometimes I would dearly love the IT geeks to get their collective asses on the same page and make 'management' get the picture.  All it would take is for us to turn off the computers for 48 hours and the entire world economy will be in the crapper.  Imagine if the grocery store manager had to actually do physical inventory of the store in order to be able to order more stock instead of having the computer system manage it through the check-out counters?!?!?!?!

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