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This latest ad from Chicago is much more hard hitting that the first. It fits right in and builds on the work built from the Bain and Tax return attacks of the late Spring and Summer. And Romney's own words only legitimize everything it says.

Back some time ago, I made something of a point:

I mean, I really don't get why Romney's folks think there's just a bounty of votes to be had from people who have a side Amway hustle and call themselves businessmen, but hey...knock yourself out.

I'll take folks who get a real normal pay stub any day of the week.

Why? Because politics is a numbers game. You generally want more than less. kos picked up on this the other day noting that even if you generously account for every business owner and entrepreneur in America, you're still gonna have a hell of lot more people who, you know, earn a living through honest toil.

What this ad does is put real numbers: You guys making between $25k and $45k...yeah, we're talking to you.

The Obama Campaign is driving the wedge separating the middle class from Romney. But in each case, Mitt Romney has been a big help. These things all built on each other:

1. Bain. Wavering Democratic moderates and Democratic leaners would have been the first toehold to grab onto if the Romney Campaign was smart. They thought they could do it by playing up President Clinton (huge error). The Obama Campaign used Bain to close off wavering Democrats and wavering Democratic leaners from Romney. That was the entire point and it worked. Anyone who voted for Obama in 2008 and saw the Bain story wrote off Romney as an alternative president. Period. Romney's elevation of President Clinton was a massive error as Clinton proved at the Democratic convention. He left himself no way to rebut Clinton after praising him so much.

2. Taxes. The Obama Campaign was relentless about Mitt Romney's taxes. That is there to sew doubts in the minds of independents and as catnip for the media. Romney's got something to hide and this kept Romney from driving any consistent message that could penetrate into the minds of independents. Then, the Romney campaign keeps helping the President by fumbling the ball on Romney's handling of tax issues both personal and policy related.

3. 47%. I mean, that's just a gift from the gods.

This is more than lead protection. This is looking to run up the score.

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