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I've seen several people mention that there are going to be a lot of ads created from things Mitt Romney said on the debate stage tonight. I wondered how fast the Obama campaign was, so I took a look at the YouTube Channel. To my surprise what I found was a somber video of Vice President Joe Biden talking about tonight's debate and explaining what's at stake in this election. For those who can not watch video, I've transcribed it for you.

The initial frenzied reaction of many was that Mitt Romney won the debate. Watching the freak out on MSNBC was amazing. I wanted to smack Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz for the way they pointed out all the things that President Obama didn't say or do. In my opinion, the coolest head on the panel was Al Sharpton. The best response to the MSNBC free-for-all I've seen all night was this comment:

Did you miss the RNC and how

Paul Ryan became a laughing stock within two days of delivering a speech full of lies that the talking heads thought was just great in their instant analysis??

by alba on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 02:18:00 AM EDT

In between all the ranting and raving, people kept pointing out all the lies that Mitt Romney told on that stage tonight. Don't you think alba has an excellent point? How'd all that lying on stage on Network television workout for Ryan? What was that nickname he was tagged with? Lyin' Ryan. As Al Sharpton responded:
I agree that it's going to be two or three days before we get the verdict, so I would suggest to the court that he [Romney] made a good testimony. But he will be indicted for perjury because he's lying. When you take what he said tonight and compare it to his proposals, to what he has said, to what he's represented, to the Ryan plan; it does not match what he said tonight. So how  are we going to be impressed with someone that made a very passionate and a very articulate series of lies tonight.
One thing Mitt Romney said that wasn't a lie, but a statement of fact about something he would do if he were elected president.
I’m sorry, Jim, I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS…. I like PBS, I love Big Bird -- I actually like, you too -- but I am not going to keep spending money on things [we have] to borrow money from China to pay for.
As I've pointed out in this diary, and as vmm918 explained in this diary, you don't attack Big Bird! Serious pundits are going to fact-check all the lies Mitt Romney told at the debate, but the people are going to make a huge deal about the fact that Mitt Romney wants to stop funding PBS and risk losing the Muppets and Big Bird too. You think the 47% comment helped make Mitt Romney's poll numbers plunge? Just wait and see what Big Bird's going to do to him.

Take a deep breath, settle down, and watch Vice President Biden. Then go get some rest because we continue the fight tomorrow, and you will think better with a clearer mind after a good night's sleep. That's what I'm going to do. Pleasant dreams.

Hello everybody. If you just finished watching the debate like I did, I'm sure you're as proud of President Obama as I am. You know, I've been saying for a long time, this election presents the starkest choice in my memory, and I think the President did a wonderful job making it clear just how stark that choice is.

As President Obama explained, we believe we should build this country the old fashioned way; not from the top down, but from the middle out. And the President made it clear; made it absolutely clear that he believes hard work should be rewarded, that accountability should be demanded and that everyone, everyone who works at it should have a fair shot at a better deal.

I also thought the President did an excellent job in laying out his specific, concrete plans for restoring the middle class. From ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas to giving tax credits to companies that bring jobs home to preparing 100,000 new math and science teachers and training two million workers at our community colleges so we can continue to have the best, most productive work force in the world.

And he showed, he showed his commitment to move this country forward rather than going back, time and time again. We're not going back to those failed policies that gave us this great recession.

Governor Romney laid out a fundamentally different philosophy. He called for a tax plan that would mean massive cuts for the wealthy, but he refused to explain how he could possibly pay for them without raising taxes on middle class families. Instead he just denied how big these tax cuts were. He said he wanted to continue tax breaks for oil companies and at the same time he criticized the tax breaks that we put in place for renewable energy companies. He admitted that he'll turn Medicare into a voucher, which I was happy to see him finally admit. And he called for the repeal of Obamacare. But he didn't explain how he's going to lower healthcare costs, prevent discrimination against people with preexisting conditions, or help tens of millions of American people get access to affordable healthcare if he does repeal Obamacare. And he talked about letting the banks write their own rules again with no accountability, but he still didn't explain how we'd prevent another financial meltdown.

Well, as the President made clear, we have seen this movie before. And we all know how it ended, and how it will end again if it were to occur again. It ends in a catastrophe for the middle class. It ended in the great recession of 2008. And the President and I are determined, absolutely determined, not to go back to that.

Folks, I hope you saw what I saw tonight; two candidates with fundamentally different visions and a fundamentally different set of values. And I hope and appreciate that you know just how high the stakes are; that you all appreciate it. There are only 34 days left until Election Day, and we need all of you; all of you to continue to work hard. And press even harder during these remaining five weeks. As you know, registration deadlines are coming up this week. Early voting has started in some states already, and it's going to start in a lot more soon. So it's critical that you make sure to vote; to get you friends and your neighbors to vote. And to get folks signed up and involved.

Let me close by saying thank you. We may not be able to match our opponents dollar for dollar but I know we can outmatch them door to door because of folks like you. But most of all I want to say on behalf of the President, thank you for vouching for us, for putting your reputations on the line for us; for believing, as the President does, as I do, that America's best days are ahead of us. Together we're going to win this election, and we're going to keep moving this country forward. Again, thank you for your support. Please, go out and get voters registered; vote. Early voting is important.

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